Saturday, October 31, 2009


Assalamualaikum my beloved readers..=) huhu..woww..its been like erm..lets see...3 wks or is it one month? aniway... i really miss blogging and here i am blogging.heh.=p.. school has been great and im coping well..alhamdulillah =D..
looking forward for second year! yeah! ok..serious..i wonder if anyone of you have heard about the recent news about what is happening in Malaysia.." malay prophet" yup..there is this particular man claimed to be the next prophet and he confidently quoted one of the verse in surah not sure which verse is that but he claimed that particular verse was directed t him! WTH?? seriously he has jin/genie in his body and soul!!..and when he was being interviewed..some of the reporters "shoot" him some questions about how he can be so 200% sure that he is the current it was like 6 against 1..and what tickled me was when he said " look. you all are still young and im already old so i know better.." loolll.. me and my family were laughing hard listening to what he said..and now the claim-to-be-prophet was arrested and will be jailed for 10 years (if im nt wrong) 6 caning!..hopefully he repent because he did not only ruined his own life but he too has his followers that are so obsessive of their new teachings..naudzubillahiminzaalik..

p.s..i love malaysia..please be a good country..
okay..enjoy ur weekends everybody=)

Friday, September 25, 2009


this blog will be resting for a few weeks..
i donno..i just dont feel like blogging right now..
but thanks to all my readers and those who comments..=)
maybe ..insyallah, when im ok..? i ll come back to the blogging world..=D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


woohoo!! exams are last =) hoping for the best for my exams.Ameen..
so here i am blogging ..=) haha..
so its been 5 months im in college and theres a lot of things i experienced..=))

aniway..just wanna share the experiences that i had all sit straight..
and enjoy..


friend: hey Hada, why do u wear that headscarf?
ME: oh.. haha.. i have to wear it cos it is a must for all muslim girls who has reach their it or not..
friend:oh..but some of my malay friends never wear it.then why eh..
ME: actually..we have to wear it.. maybe they either dont know or dont bother..*smiles*
friend:ohhh..*nod her head* u wear it at home
ME: haha! you are very funny.. of course we dont..haha..only when our couzins or any outsiders who comes..then we cover..
friend2:*shock* hahh? even if ur couzins..u should also wear??
friend3: but..when u are at home..u dress normally right..
ME: duhhh... hahaha..


the first day of one of the lessons..

Mr: alright class. since this is my first lesson with you all.. i want you to introduce urselves and tell us what makes u outstanding from the rest..ok let's start from u..*points at a guy*

guy: *introduce himself*
girl:..*same as above* i have short hair..
ME: im mawaddah *smiles* and you can call me hada.. *smiles again*..ok..i think by now all of u know that u can easily recognize me cos im wearing a headscarf..*points to my scarf proudly and yup..smiles*
MR: *nods his head and smiles*


during lesson

SIR: Hada, dont u feel cold?
ME: sir..*wants to joke with teacher* im covered and protected.haha..
SIR:yar..very good..very good..*smiles*
ME: ???????

the end..=)) that's the bits and pieces of my life in college and im grateful to have wonderful and great friends and lecturers..even though im the only malay and muslim in my class..especially with the hijab on.. all of us are treated equally and there is no way you would feel discriminated..we shared our laughs and2 yar.. i had a good laugh with all of guys are awesome..=))

ok..i like the 3rd one..cos i dont get what he meant by 'very good' it because im not cold or because im covered?..hehe =) or both..=)) a nutshell.. i love hijab=)) cos its an identity as a muslim =))) wear it proud and wear it with pride=))

Saturday, August 22, 2009


im wide awake.. =) dont know why.hmm.. maybe too eager for tomorrow's first day of fasting.. actually there's a story i wanna share.. last year, when me and my mum went for shopping during Ramadhan and while on our way back, so we were walking, i spotted a muslim girl happily drinking and i accidentally stared at her..=0.. the scariest part was she stared back at me giving a 'any-problem-?' look. luckily we walked away fast.. firstly im really shocked by her attitude as she had no shame and showed no respect towards the fasting month. and on another note, i pitied her as she lacked of knowledge about fasting.. this just reflects her family's upbringing=/.. how sad..

so.. let us all reflect ourselves to be a better person. ameen =]
alright.. till the next post.
my bed is calling me....
oo hang on a second..
aren't the dates below looks tempting?=)
alright, Ramadhan Mubarak to you=)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan Mubarak =))

yeah! just 1 more day left and there the moment we have been longing for.. the holy month=)
im so excited:) cant wait for tomorrow's night about the terawih prayers.. hmm.. i wonder who's going to be the imam and recites the soothing Quran.. aniway, speaking of Ramadhan, it reminds me of last year in school where usually every tuesday, we will have our usual PE lesson.. so as it was during Ramadhan, and we Muslims were obviously fasting, there was this friend of mine , a guy just raised his hand giving his fatigue look and said,' sir, i cant play cos im fasting and i will get thirsty.' at that moment, i felt like saying to him,arent you ashamed by saying that? seriously, it is like giving my teacher the idea that fasting, is the month of 'tiredness' or'weakness' as most people cant carry out their normal daily routine and stopping the youth from engaging in sports! or whatever it is.. c'mon!! wake up youth!! dont give fasting as an excuse to postpone or cancel your activities. go on with your soccer games even if you are fasting for the boys..and for girls.. dont sigh and say ' oh im tired of doing this and that.. bla.. bla.. look.. when we are fasting, the whole world are eyeing on us.. yes!.. they want to see whether we are stong enough to fast.. people, show them that we are strong! fasting does not make us weak nor lazy .. know what.. even Rasulullah went for WAR during Ramadhan! see.. and back to my story, in the end, he dint play but the rest of us Muslims played.. argh.. hellloo.. you are a guy and yet you remained inactive? i felt like dragging him to the field. i remind myself too and yar.. Ramadhan Mubarak again to all of you =))

Thursday, August 13, 2009

International Quranic Recitation =)

assalamualaikum =))

i just wanna say im happy about yesterday's event when i watched international quranic recitation live on Malaysia's channel.. so any of you watched it too :) firstly im happy cos we can see the unity of the whole ummah there at PWTC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where approximately 45 participants came down to recite the noble Quran.. and yesterday was the finale.. so im glad that the male champion was from Iraq yeay..") instead of the usual Asian participants.. so, when he was being interviewed.. he spoke in arabic.. i love listening people speaking in arabic..and yeah.. thats what i wanna post today..ok.. till the next post =))

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ramadhan =) come faster..=))

assalamualaikum and hi to all :)
fuhh.. it's been a long time since I update my blog. do you miss me?.. lol..haha.. and i want to thank all my readers who spent a bit of their time, reading my posts.. =) so I just want to say that Ramadhan is around the corner and im looking forward to it. well everybody does.. the thing that I miss most during Ramadhan was when we wait to break fast and the minute the azan goes.. yeay... it's time to i mean the atmosphere and the kind of feeling that engulf us when we break fast.. that's when I realised the ni'mat of fasting.. its like we refrain ourselves from eating and drinking the whole day and when the time comes, you get what I mean dont you..=) aniway.. Ramadhan is coming.. lets upgrade our iman alright.. =)) and one more thing.. i really love spending a few weeks of Ramadhan in Makkah or Madinah but that is only a dream.. * wondering when will i have the chance*... you know.. the feeling is going to be absolutely different.. staying close to Rasulullah.. ohhh.. anyone of who who had once stayed there during Ramadhan.. oh.. I envy you..haha

Friday, July 3, 2009

stop it !

I was fuming last night when i received a forward message from my friend. she did not know who the sender was and sent it to me to know my response. so it says,' say oh Allah, i love you and please come to me.' dont delete it as this is real. it happened to Ibnu*( i forgot his name). he dreamt of Rasulullah and he said that upgrade your iman as this dunya is very old and is going to an end. pass this message to 10 people and within 10 hours your life will change to a better one. if you refuse, then your life will be full of difficulties and sorrows. Wallah.

see?? that( whatever-you-call) person have the guts to use Wallah in his message. how could he!!

have you ever get this kind of message? what did you do? please this is not even in the hadeeth! stating that it is a must to pass this message to 10 people and when refuse, our life will be in total disaster??!!

stop it ok!!!
and dont play with the word Wallah!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

beautiful story..

assalamualaikum :)
today i want to share a story that i just read which nearly brought me to tears..
it is about Hasan Basri and a beautiful woman..
it is mentioned that Hasan Basri loved to take a walk down the street. so minutes later, someone caught his attention and that person was a very beautiful lady..
due to his strong desire for that woman, he followed her home..

so when she realised that someone was following her home, she reprimanded him saying, " have you no shame young man!"

she added by saying, " shame to Allah who is all-knowing about what you have done!
why are you following me?"

Hasan Basri replied nonchalantly," im actually amazed by your beautiful eyes"

hearing that, she asked him to wait outside while waiting
for her.

few minutes after that, another woman who was her maid, came out handing out a box to him.
suspecting nothing happened, he opened it up and to his horror, that thing in the box was actually a pair of eyes.

(now, this part was the most touching part)
she said that her employer did not need those eyes where it caused other men to be attracted to it.

Hasan Basri was really shocked by what he heard and went home feeling extremely guilty.he realised his mistake and repented.

actually there is more of the continuation but i will just stop here
there is a message written which i really love to share with all of you.
'a woman who is willing to dig out her eyes just to avoid any defamation.
but women nowadays loves showing off who has the sexiest asset and the best style just to attract men'

so to all sisters out there and also to myself, let us all follow what has been mentioned in the Quran in order to attain His Jannah..

i really love that story as it shows how strong her iman was and hopefully we keep upgrading our iman :)

we cover because we are too good to be seen :))

Saturday, June 27, 2009


assalamualaikum :)

ok so the story continues...
what amazed me even more is that their respond towards the azan.. the minute the azan was heard, all of the selling and buying will stop for a while. this is because it has been a habit and a norm for them the sellers to stop what they are doing and go for prayers. the great emphasize to pray on time. this is what im stressing here. :)

masyallah, I just love the sight where we can see the people rushing towards Masjidil Haram to perform solah, putting aside wether their businesses will decline and suffer some losses but the main thing is to pray on time.. something which is very rare to see in other countries..

this is what i admire about the community here..
even though they might be late to join in, they will just pray outside their shop. seconds later, many will join them and continue the line which is the saff.

thats all for today..
keep our iman up high :))

Sunday, June 21, 2009


first thing, i so miss my grandparents..and Lukman the adorable baby boy..
ok. back to that topic. so we had a wonderful gathering back there and some sharing of stories about their umrah.. listening to them, i just feel like going there again, performing umrah with my family, witness and admire the Ka'bah , visit beloved Rasulullah shrine, dont you readers feel the same way as me too?? of course you do cos we love Allah and Rasulullah.. right..:)) i love to share with all of you about Rasulullah's hadith, saying that 'whoever visits my shrine is as if he visits me during my lifetime'
MasyaAllah!! so people, insya Allah when we perform umrah or hajj in the future, grab the chance to visit Rasulullah and say praises to him. SubhanAllah! i am so excited *thinking when im going*
so thats all for today..
will be continued.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


yupp:) i am going to relax and take a short break from blogging.(speaking like i am a frequent blogger, but in actual fact..haha)

ok serious.. i am going for a holiday to Kedah, Malaysia to visit my lovely grandparents. 7 hours to go so thats all for today.:)
and i just want to say. keep our iman up high ok.. in order to attain His Jannah..
ok wassalam:)

Monday, June 1, 2009


So here is Imam Ghazali's riddles

1) what is the most heaviest thing on earth

2) what is the most lightest thing ?

3) what is the most furthest thing?

4) what is the most sharpest thing?

the answers....
1) the heaviest thing is, our responsibility as the khalifah in this dunya. this is the biggest and heaviest responsibility that we have to hold. the qn is, do we follow as what have been mentioned in the Quran...

2)the lightest thing is skip our solah.. is so true.. it is very easy to skip our reminder to all of us.

3) the furthest thing is our past.. no matter where we go or no matter how advance the transportation are, even rockets cant bring us back to our past. so that is why Rasulullah reminds us to be better everyday because we cant trace our past.. think before we act.. so that we wont regret

4)the sharpest thing is our TONGUE.that is why we should be careful with our words as it may hurt others and it is a sin.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


assalamualaikum and hi to all:))

1 more week to go! yeay!!
i cant wait to go to Kedah in Malaysia to visit my lovely grandma and grandpa
also the cute adorable ,irresistible baby boy Lukman Hakim.

one more thing.. my aunt will be coming back from umrah too ..

and i will get to hear her wonderful and memorable stories. hopefully she will get for me something... abaya or Mekah special chocolates or.. never ending list. hahaa.
ok serious.. hopefully maklang and paklang will arrive back to malaysia in a good state of health. amin.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Sharing

Assalamualaikum:)Im back:)
today im going to post some sharing and it is about ourselves. so, it is about our manners or adab be it with our friends, relatives or even when we are in some events. ever been in a situation where you are with two of your friends and suddenly the two of them started whispering to each other lefting you out? how do you feel? you think they are talking about you or insulting you.. im sure most of us have gone through all this and this is what i am going to post about.

Rasulullah once said in his hadeeth, that 'dont you ever whisper to the next person beside you when you realise there is the third person.' subhanallah! how beautiful Islam is. even to this extend, we should be careful when doing something. it may seems trivial but it is not because you dont know that you might hurt the third person's feelings. this is how Islam teaches us the ummah the manners, and not to hurt other persons feelings. may this be a reminder to all of us and the next time you want to whisper to your friend, do take note of the third person even though what you are going to say doesnt have anything to do with the 3rd person. again, she might be sad.

that's all for today, have a nice weekend ahead:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the unconditional love


today actually i have something to share with all of you which is the unconditional love by our dearest mothers. i read one article about a son who wrote a letter to his mother. below is the content.

cost of helping mum

go to shop $4

taking care of siblings $4

help to clear the rubbish $1

help to tidy up room $2

help to water the plants $3

help to sweep the floor $3

after he finished writing, he gave it to his mom and this was what his mom replied

cost of staying up late accompanying you , free

cost raising you ,feeding you and clothe you , free

she then gave it to her son and he started to cry upon reading it.

then, he turned to his mummy and say, mummy, i love you...
adding on, he then wrote on the paper, all cost paid.

masya allah!!

i am at the verge of crying when reading this. subhanallah.. our mothers...nothing can pay all the countless deeds done by a woman name mother. what about us?? do we do something to our mummy just because of wanting a reward? i remember there is this verse from the Quran stating that it is a sin even when saying 'ah' to our mothers.
something to ponder upon

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ya Rasulullah.. we miss you...

i just came back from the masjid with my family as we attend this forum about Rasulullah. i really love the ustaz as he is very popular here which is ustaz Fauzi. he told us the story about Rasulullah and his background. it was really touching and penetrating as he brought us back 1400 years ago recalling what countless deeds Rasulullah had done for us and the obstacles Rasulullah faced when spreading Islam in Makkah and Madinah. so, he then urged us to reflect upon our actions all this while and the sins that we commit day by day without even we realising it.
so this is a reminder to me and to all of us that Rasulullah love us, his ummah so much but ask ourselves, what have we done to Rasulullah? do we love him as much as he does? and do we follow his sunnah or just close one eye about it..taking it lightly..
ya Rasulullah.. we love you and we miss you...

im back:)

assalamualaikum and hi to all!:)
im back:) it has been a week since i last blog and i totally missed it! so i want to thank my readers who do visit my blog and drop some meaningful comments. i appreciated it so much. hehe. currently, i am quite busy with my assignments and seems that i cant blog that often. so do wish me good luck for my studies ok:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

how will the beauty of Jannah be

assalamualaikum ,
today i will not type much and let you enjoy Allah's ceations and the beauty of this dunya and ponder upon these beautiful creations....

subhanallah... beautiful isn it...

if this is the beauty of the dunya, then how is the beauty of Jannah will be?...
o Allah, we dont deserve your Jannah let alone to have a peek in it. but we are afraid of the hell fire..
o Allah.. show us the right path... ameen..

Thursday, April 30, 2009

start now!

actually i read this forum about hugging parents and there are varied responses. some are shy?? to hug their mothers and the other bunch said that it is a routine to hug their parents when they go to school or work and when it is time to sleep. it is an interesting and captivating forum as some stated that when you hug your lovely mummy and daddy, there is some kind of aura or some form of therapy that transfers to your body. the more you hug, the stronger the bond between you and your family members.

to add on, one of them said something that really awed me which is, she is really close with her family members especially her father but never hug him. so, now her father had passed away and she regretted for not hugging him. also she said that we should really appreciate our parents now when they are right in front of us before comes a day when your parents are no longer in this dunya anymore.

so to all of you who find it hard to hug your parents, delay no further and hug countless times so that a happy family can be achieved.
to conclude, i love to share that our true friend is actually our parents and they are the ones who are more than willing to share every bit of sorrows or happiness with us. so everybody start now and keep smiling.

this second photo actually a pic of husband and wife and nothing got to do with parents but i just love how he express his love to his wife. full of love.

Monday, April 27, 2009

bits and pieces of my life

while on my way to the school depatment office with my friends and we waited for the lift so
there was a bunch of boys who were waiting for the lift too and...

two of the boys mumbled something and i could only catch the last part of his sentence which was

'it is a religious thing.' i knew that he was referring to me because he took a quick glance on me and then turned to his friend.

so thats all for today. surely, he was wondering why i wear the hijab and he asked his friend bout it, so his friend replied'it is a religious thing' and then i could see he nodded and there was silence... i just smiled to myself..

i just feel like posting about this.
what is your say? experiencing the same thing?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I want to follow my mother

i am back:)
so today i have a case to share which is about conversion to another religion.

currently there is a hot issue going on in Malaysia where there is this Indian couple who filed a divorce due to her husband conversion to Islam. he used to be a Hindu. firstly, i will say subhanallah because this man had already gotten hidayah from Allah. so another problem arose. what is going to happen to their children? are they going to follow their mother and remained as a Hindu or following their father and converted as a Muslim? to add on, their father already converted his children to Islam without his wife consent and agreement. as a result, the scenario became chaotic and his wife decided to bring forward this case to court. In the end, the verdict was her children should follow their mother thus remain as a Hindu. i actually watched this video where the two children one is a boy age 11 and the other one is a girl. im not sure what is her age. they came with their mother and attended the press.
at the end, the boy named Karan was interviewed and here was what he said.

"i dont want to follow my father. i want to follow my mother. i am an Indian. i dont want to be a Malay. I am borned as a Hindu and i dont want to die as a Malay."
so being an 11 year old boy, he may not be exposed to the different religions let alone Islam.naturally he will follow his mother. as being mentioned in the Quran, there is no compulsion in religion. it is only when one has reach 18 and above then one has the right to choose their own religion.

so what is your say about this sensitive issue? another thing that wonders me is the stereotype and thinking of the non muslims towards their understanding of Islam. Islam is not only for malays or arabs or any other specific race. Islam is a universal religion:). where ever you go, which ever continent you explore, definitely, you will see a Muslim be it of different race, colour, language or culture. be it north south east or west, you will absolutely see people with their Muslim identity. so i dont know when this stereotype going to fade. may i stress again that Islam is for all races and not for any specific race.
so back to that topic , hopefully the bond between the father and his chidren will be everlasting and growing stronger and stronger despite their religious background. it is a really sad and touching story. i feel ike crying. you know what i mean right.. and hopefully too , Karen and his sister will find the truth during their lifetime journey and yar.. thats all i can say. can you imagine, you have been staying with your lovely daddy and all of a sudden, your father converted to a religion which is strange to you? and due to that, you are in dilemma on who to stay with and which one to follow.
so how do you feel about it. have your say.
have a nice weekend ahead:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my life

assalamualaikum:) so little time, so much to do. yess. thats what is happening to me. not going to elaborate further..

so today i just feel like posting this meaningful posters. enjoy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

yay!! mawaddah's back to school:)

yes. tomorrow school starts and i am all out for the new beginning. ready to absorb, think,analyse and apply.

so to all my friends out there.. happy schooling!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the power of hijab and Assalamualaikum

assalamualaikum to all:) some of you might be wondering why am i choosing this topic. actually there is a story behind it. as we muslims know, saying salam to other Muslims are very much encouraged and replying to it is a must or 'wajib'. so here is the story, yesterday when i was on my way back home and i took the train. and.. few stops later there was this couple who looks like in their twenties, board the train so the woman was wearing hijab and guess what? we exchanged glances and smiles and i said salam to her. naturally she replied back and we started to have some nice chat. they are Arabs and yarr.. thats the only thing i want to share.

so maybe to some of you this is just a trivial matter but when we give it a second thought, actually it is a way of creating a bond within us. a united ummah regardless of race and culture. we are totally strangers but with just that universal identity which is the hijab and by saying salam , we are the sisters and brothers of Islam.

but on the other hand, some sisters just find it difficult,hard or even take it lightly when some Muslims smile at them, they just ignore or just staring at the ground. come on, isn smiling a charity?:) but obviously we are not supposed to easily smile at guys and should actually lower our gaze.

in conclusion, let us all practice to greet other Muslims by saying salam and smile because that just shows how harmony and universal Islam is.
have a nice weekend:)