Friday, March 11, 2011

Hi.. who are you, my loyal reader :) haha! n Japan....

Hiiii :D

ok, actually im having my holidays now and this April will be my third year in college. :)

so, whenever i come to my blog, I would glance at the live Traffic feedgit. hahaha!
yea, i just wanna know who constantly keeps coming to my blog. Sooo..i realised a pattern. 0.o

haha! ok, there's a friend from Perth, Western Australia who loves my blog and visits frequently *hehehe* ..and i wonder who she is. I mean who is this curious lady, hmm, maybe because of the blogroll? ;) hahah. know who you are.. :)) ok, how about you hint me some clue, hahah!
on a random guess.......Asha! is tat you? :D
Aniway, keep coming to my blog yeaa..(",) hehehe

By the way, Japan's been hit by earthquake, followed by Tsunami! when i watch the video showing the aftermath,then I think that Allah is ever powerful and when He wants it to happen, it will happen in a matter of seconds..