Thursday, December 1, 2011

'If Rasulullah s.a.w is with us' video

It is a long video, but, please do watch the first 10 mins of the clip.

if you love Rasulullah s.a.w, pleasee do watchh :((

may we follow the akhlak of Rasulullah s.a.w . Ameen,

Monday, November 21, 2011

Memorise Quran with my brother, Abrar :)

*listening to Taha Al Junayd murattal recitation*

After Maghrib, my family usually will read the Quran while me and my brother, Abrar, will revise our memorisation of the Quran. :) Alhamdulillah, we finished Juz Amma and now, we are in the middle of Juz 29. I had 3 more surah's left, before taking the Juz 29 test. But, I'm scared actually.

So tonight, I asked my mother to test me on surah Nuh. How it goes is, my mother would pick any ayah and I should continue the recitation. This is where the challenge comes. At the starting, I could recite the surah but as it goes further, I could not. I forgot the ayah and when my mum recite the first part of every ayah, then only I could continue. I felt different. Seriously, I fely like crying and began to wonder why I could not remember some of the ayah like the other huffaz ( people who memorise Quran).

When I told my mum, she said it is normal and tried to convince me that I can do it. She supported me by complimenting how good I was when reciting some other parts of the surah or other surahs. But, I did not feel satisfied. So, what I did was, I asked the same question to my brother. The exact same ayah that my mum asked me. The result, he could recite it! But, he too got stucked a while later. * relief* I felt relief when knowing that he too forgot a little. hehe :) So, I thought I was the only one who had *imaan(faith) problem*  such as maybe, I did wrong to my parents, to Allah or sin that I did not realise, that caused me to forget the recitation. But, my parents told me that it is normal since I have not revised it consistently. Ya, maybe because of that.

I told myself that I should brush up on my memorisation and sometimes I feel scared. It is like when you memorise new surah, what happen to the surahs that you had memorised? how can you ensure that you could remember the previous surah? Ok, by reading it consistently. yup, easier said than done. Hopefully, I could be consistent in this. " syaitan would always disturb you when you are memorizing Quran. So, we must be strong and have high determination and imaan to keep on memorizing the Quran " said my ustazah (religious teacher). Ustazah Nurul Huda, she is a huffaz. :)) I 'm totally amazed by how she can memorise the entire Quran and to all other huffaz too. They are  wonderful, Subhanallah, :)

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed tonight's family activity. Me and my brother would take turns reciting and my mum would check on our recitation. The funny part is when my brother could not continue, I would mouth the ayah and he will continue. it is so cute! And, I told my parents this is one of the effective way to get your memorisation right. A really fun way. Can't wait for tomorrow's night.
* Lets challenge, Abrar, hehehe =p*

Also, since his name is Abrar, means, a good person.  Ameen..Coincidentally, the surahs that both of us read mentioned his name. such as surah Al-Infithar and surah AlMuthaffifin. Not only that, when my baba read the du'a after solah,. he would show his priceless expression. huh! *jealous mode* Oh well, I have my name mentioned too in surah Ar Rum.  Check it out yea! hehe. So these are the things that we laughed about just now. I love it! <3

Alright, another thing that I love to share is, I always love subuh's time. After subuh solah, is the best time to get your revision done. It is where your mind is fresh and that's when we can start on our revision. :))

So, do you have any tips on how can you remember it easily? :))

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just dropping by, my little hut diary.

* wahh, it has been a while since I last blogged*

*Maklang, if you are reading this, say hiii to Hada ok at the shoutbox. hehehe. saaayanggg maklang! :)

Last week, I finally been to an usrah! I was soo excited to go as this was my first time joining such an event. Girls event specifically. I went with my friend, Syahirah, whom I just recently knew too. Oh, how life is sweet. :)

Ok, when we arrived at Kampong Siglap Masjid, we were quite late and they were doing a tadabbur of the Quran. I felt calm and happy when one of the sisters shared with us about a verse in the Quran, which reminded her of death. Allah...., a young teenage girl talked about death. I remembered about Rasulullah s.a.w hadeeth, which says, One who is intelligent is one who thinks about death. May Allah grant us husnul khaatimah. ( death with a good ending) Ameen. :)

The second section was about hijrah. meaning, how we change to becoming a better person in any aspects. Be it in studies, becoming a good daughter, sister, and to all beings on this earth. hehe
Ok, after all the discussions, we had cheesecake for refreshments! it was nice, and I love it. and guess what was provided too? SUSHI!! Yeaaa, I loveee sushii a lotttttttt! *exxagerated much?* this shows how much I love this Japanese food, sushi! You love it too? then gimme five! haha! sushi are just cute and yummy. :D

Also, what amazed me was, there were 3 young niqabi too! Wow, at this young age, they wear niqab. I respect them and I just love seeing them wearing niqab. One of them is the same age as me, 20. :)

To conclude, after Isyak solah, we were dismissed. Now then I know how usrah is and if there is a second time, I definitely would'nt make it a miss. :) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Selamatkan Akidah, Lagu Tema HIMPUN - Selamatkan Akidah [HD]


Ok, semasa membaca blog, tertarik dengan post saudari ni tentang video di bawah ni. Sila lah dengar dan hayati, renungi sama-sama tentang apa yang sudah jadi pada  muda mudi Islam. 

Murtad? Na'udzubillahmi min zaalik. :( 

Sebak rasa bila menghayati klip video di bawah. Gabungan dari setiap ketua kumpulan nasyid. "Selamatkan Akidah" Bunyinya sahaja menggerunkan dan seribu soalan di fikiran. 

Pada pendapat saya, muda mudi yang sudah murtad ini harus, wajib di tarbiyahkan semula, dikenalkan siapa kita, kenapa kita diciptakan, ke mana kita akan pergi selepas mati, dan adakah kita diciptakan dangan sia2 sahaja? Ingatkan mereka tentang Allah lah tuhan yang layak disembah dengan menunjukkan mereka tentang Al[Quran dan ayat-ayat yang menyuruh kita berfikir tentang Allah.

Amatlah baik jika mereka di tarbiyahkan juga tentang Al-Quran, wahyu Allah yang diturunkan kepada Rasulullah s.a.w . Tunjukkan mereka bukti-bukti tentang kebenaran Islam yang terdapat dalam Al-Quran sendiri. Tentang sejarah Rasulullah s.a.w supaya mereka akan sedar kembali dan tidak mudah membuatt keputusan melulu tanpa pertimbangan akal yang waras.

Saya tertarik dengan firman Allah yang berbunyi, "adakah mereka ciptakan diri mereka sendiri?" 

Mudah-mudahan, mereka bertaubat dengan taubatan nasuha, ...... sebelum malaikat Izrail datang mencabut nyawa!

“Wahai Tuhan kami! Janganlah Engkau memesongkan hati kami sesudah Engkau beri petunjuk kepada kami dan kurniakanlah kepada kami limpah rahmat dari sisiMu; sesungguhnya Engkau jualah Tuhan Yang melimpah-limpah pemberianNya”
(Surah Ali Imraan )

Kalau saya di KL hari HIMPUN diadakan, saya pasti akan pergi. Tapi, saya di Singapore, jadi tak dapat lah join hari tu. Cuma terkilan kerana sedikit sahaja yang pergi HIMPUN hari tu, ini bukannya politik pun, cuma mengambil berat tentang soal ummat Islam, soal akidah!. Ketepikanlah soal politik tu, kita kan semua orang Islam, jadi, bersatulah! :(

Monday, October 17, 2011

Little things about Hada :)

  1. Today is the first day of semester 2 and it is very crucial semester for us, .
  2.  I had deleted my facebook account yesterday, ^^) hehe
  3. This sunday, I'm going for my tahfiz class with that round shape hijab. (tudung bulat) weeeee *back to being a school kid* :)

Felt a bit peaceful after deleting  my fb accnt. ;p hehe, no offence to my friends, just that, I need a break from fb. lalala~ maybe, i will resume back. errr,  6 yrs later? hahaha,

*Maklang, nanti maklang call je mama macam selalu, nanti boleh berbual dengan hada ye, :)) saayang maklang! :)))

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alhamdulillah, I'm happyyyyy!! :)

Alhamdulillah, I'm happy with my resultss! :)

My baba is happy, my mama is happy, my brother is happy and I'm happy!

Again, alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, thank you soo much, :)

Actually, we have to put high confidence to Allah. We had done our best and the rest, we leave to Allah. :) But of course, it comes with a du'a, hardwork, and lastly, tawakkal ( resignation or, rely to Allah) :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A perfume seller and a blacksmith

Arab perfume
 you guess it right, a blacksmith

Whether you realise it or not, friends are one of the most important aspect in life, that we should consider. This is because, most of the day is spent with our friends and without us realising, by mingling with the kind of friends we have, they can influence our behaviour, actions, and more.

This, reminds me of a beautiful Arab quote, but I translate it in English, which means, " A good or a bad friend can be associated with a perfume seller and a blacksmith. One who is close to a perfume seller, even if he does not buy the perfume, he still gets the nice scent of it , but unlike perfume seller, one who is close to a blacksmith, his shirt might got burnt or at least, get an unpleasant smell on the shirt." (HR.Bukhari & Muslim).

Get the idea now? If you have a good friend, most probably, you will be influence by his good deeds, but if you are close to a bad friend, even if you did not follow his wrongdoing, you might still get the blame or your name will be mentioned as you are one of his close friends. 

Soo, it is our choice afterall, we choose..  (:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eat fish using straw? yumm

I love the new blog layout! I mean when you sign in and click on your dashboard or when u create a new post, it is fresher, and looks cleaner. haha

Anyway, today I read Anis, favourite collection magazine of mine and my mum. It is a woman's mag, but men could read it too. When my father took it and read it, I smiled and said to him, *giggles*, baba, baba also reads Anis, :) It is a good magazine, full of knowledge, be it Islam or anything involves your daily life. My next recommendation is Solusi. I love this too! <3 Try reading it once, you definitely wants for more! *trying to make it sounds like a food advertisement*

So one article which captured my interest was the title, " eating ikan haruan (snakehead fish) using straw " Mind u, for this, it is not a normal size fish that we usually eat, but those which are the same size as the anchovies. How about that? haha! Actually, it caters more for woman who just give birth. By eating that tiny little snakehead, it can somehow cure the mother's womb. Then, it showed a picture of the editor eating the tiny snakehead using straw. The snakeheads are put into a glass of water and by using straw, there you go, sip it! Ewww.  

But she looked calm in the photo and when asked, she said, " Oh, it feels like cincau * a kind of drink* " Also, she added on by saying that, when you sip it harder, the fish just goes up faster such that you dont even feel it in your mouth! *Woah* Nevertheless, I would give a second thought before trying it. Who knows, while sipping it, it got stuck in my mouth and ... (I dont know what might happen,) Whatever it is, it will be a new and fun ? experience, yea!  Besides, it is made into fish essence too, so it is worth your try to eat it live.. hehe ^^

This is the size of the fish.

Imagine, sipping these into your straw..I know you can! 

Alright, till next post. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freedom and Dating.


Now, I can say I have the freedom but it doesn't mean that I can fully enjoy my holidays now, as up next are my final year project and internship which Im soo looking forward for! hehe *hopefully I can do my best during my attachment in one of the banks, Amin, :)*

In short, I have finished my exams, and I am worried about my results, because this is my final year! 0.0 My mum keep asking me what do I feel about my results and I'm like, mama, we just wait for the results ok, hehee . In actual fact, I'm scared tooo! On a random note, I'm listening to Nasheed Ramadan by MisharyAlafasy. Go and google it :) Ohh, it is sooo soothing and bring my Ramadhan memories back. weeeee :)

Sometimes, I feel like I'm not 20, Oh, am I ? haha. ignore that, Ok, lets get back to serious matters. Alright, this morning, me and my mama were in the kitchen and we chit chat. So, mum brought up the topic about going dating. UH-HUH, dating. 0.0 well, here is what I'm gonna share. Actually, mum always brought up this topic whenever we are together. It is just that today, I feel like posting this up. 

So, as we all know, there is no such thing as dating, in Islam. 
You want to date, go ahead, provided that both of you are married. Full stop. Even if you are engaged, this does not give you the permission to hang out together as a couple anywhere. I'm not explaining in depth about this but this is the least we need to know. So, when talking with my mum about this, sometimes, it just makes me wonders why some of the teenagers or adults who know the Islamic rules, but decide to do it. They say it is a current trend, where those who don't go for dating are outdated or too religious.

This is not about being too religious or not keeping with the current trend. * By the way, which trend culture are you focussing here?*  In Islam, it is clearly stated in the Quran where dating is strictly prohibited. Therefore, we have no right to question about this because, it is as if we are questioning Allah? To add on, we went further by saying that, if dating is the reason for knowing more and getting to know more about each other, then why are there, divorce among those couples who have been known to love each other before married? Those couples who had been dating every week and knows practically everything about their girlfriend/boyfriend 's favourite food, colour, or habits, but when they are married, in the next year, we hear them filing a divorce. So, how then do you say dating can help you preserve you marriage?

That is why, Islam is beautiful. :) weee. It sets out guidelines for us in order to find the right spouse. *Hada talking about spouse?* No dating doesn't mean, we can't get to know our future spouse. read the above para, if you insists that dating is. haha =p Hence, to make sure that we get the best out of the best, it is important to look at the Deen of the person. Just look at those who never know each other and they live happily ever after, right, hehe. 

So the point here is, dating is not allowed in Islam. If you like somebody, then say it to your parents and they will arrange an engagement for you, provided you have check the background of your admirer and all that. haha. Then on the day of your wedding, you will feel soo special! hehe, because this is your first time , in a halal way, with your spouse. ^^

Ok, till here for now. I can't believe I'm elaborating on this.
*feels awkward when my parents talk about my marriage with me* hahah ^^

But, I love to share this quote, it says, '' I love you because of the deen that is in you, If you lose your deen, then I will lose my love towards you '' [Imam An Nawawi] :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I love Ramadhan :)

* A bit awkward since I left my blog untouched * ^^

Ok, Assalamu'alaikum and hi to you, 

Hmm, for Muslims, its about 9 days left for us to maximize our ibadah during Ramadhan. How's your progress so far? How many juz of Al Quran have you read? :)
I'm jealous because I feel like, I did not do enough during this Ramadhan and I just wish I could turn back time. It is impossible, I know. To read the Quran, to do other kind of prayers and more. I'm having my tests this month and I wonder whether did I able to balance my time between my studies and the Ibadah during Ramadhan such as being consistent in reading Quran. 

Ok, on another note, have you come across this hadeeth, I love this hadeeth! Here it says, Rasulullah s.a.w said, " There are two types of happiness for those who are fasting. Firstly, when they are about to break fast and secondly, when they meet Allah, they are happy with their fast" [ Bukhari and Muslim ]

Allah, it is absolutely true indeed, :) :) When me and my family were at our dining table, just a few seconds after the announcement made at the radio, we ( me and my brother, haha) were so excited and would squeal delightfully such as by saying " ok, quick! quick! '' hehe. The feeling when we take the sip of the cold drink or our favourite food. I know, you were like us too right, ^^ 

Ok, till here for now, Lets grab the opportunities for this last 9 days of Ramadhan. Laylatul Qadar, maybe? Aamin, :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm curious about Bersih

Assalamu a'laikum and hi to all, :)

I dont know why but to blog now. I'm just curious and wonder at the happenings around the world, particularly what happen in Malaysia. Yes, you got that right. Bersih. The Bersih's demonstration. Maybe, I'm in no good position to critic or condemn about what's going on there simply because I'm Singaporean but when looking at the huge population of demonstrators, (can you imagine, it nearly reached 5000 people!) marching and demonstrating, I start to wonder, what exactly did the government which is UMNO, do wrong to the nation to the extend that they were willing to go out of their home and demonstrate. 

What I heard was, the unfair election rally claiming that the opposition party lose. besides, it involved bribing. Is that true Malaysian? correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just curious why do they hate  dislike the government. Yar, I do know a little about politics in Malaysia but I'm just curious. There should be something wrong somewhere that provoke them to carry out the Bersih's demonstration. I dont know,  
I'm not siding anybody because I dont know the real story behind it.

Hopefully, the government realise what they are doing, which benefits the country and the citizens, being fair and all other things.

Friday, July 1, 2011

why there is hatred

Why there should be hatred and hostility in your heart when Rasulullah s.a.w, even forgived his ummah who did even worst than that, physically and mentally hurting Rasulullah s.a.w.

But Rasulullah s.a.w remained calm and prayed to Allah to forgive and open their heart to accept Islam, to cleanse their heart..

I love this saying from a popular motivator which says, " If we have even smallest hatred towards others, it will pull others to hate us"

May Allah cleanse our hearts from all the nature of mazmumah such as hatred, arrogant and all bad characters. May Allah bless us with good character which is nature of mahmudah such as lovable, kind, forgiving, humble and more.. Amin :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rasulullah and the old Jewish woman :)

I'm so happy yesterday because me and my family went to Maulidur Rasul event at Woodlands Stadium yesterday night. I simply love the majlis as it is an event where  the talk is about remembering Rasulullah's harships in spreading Islam and stories that happened to Rasulullah s.a.w that moved many to tears.

What's more interesting, was the panel that are well known none other than, Dato Ustaz Abu Hassan Din, and Dr Fatris Bakaram. The topic was Isra' wal Mi'raj.  It tells us the night about Rasulullah's journey to meet Allah in receiving the prayers command, from 40 down straight to only 5. SubhanAllah :) No matter how many times I have heard about this, we don't feel bored at all, right, :)

Then comes the most downhearted story happened to Rasulullah s.a.w. Here's the story..about Rasulullah s.a.w and  the Jewish woman. Once, Rasulullah s.a.w and the sahabah walked down a lane at a housing area and there was always this Jewish woman who hated Rasulullah s.a.w so much that whenever he walked past, she would spit at Rasulullah s.a.w but Rasulullah remain calm and not being angry. The old Jewish woman repeatedly doing the same thing everytime Rasulullah s.a.w walked at the lane.

One day.. when Rasulullah s.a.w walked at the lane, and expected the Jewish woman to do the same thing as before but on that particular day, the old Jewish woman did not spit at him again and this made Rasulullah s.a.w wonder. Allah..Can you imagine readers, Rasulullah s.a.w even wonder why didnt the woman spit at him again.. If we are in Rasulullah's situation where someone spit at us repeatedly, what will your automatic reaction? We will be angry, furious and not even want to walk at that lane again right, but Rasulullah s.a.w did not.. Rasulullah was not angry, but remain calm...

So when Rasulullah s.a.w asked one of her neighbours what happened to her and they said that she fell sick. Without any hesitation, Rasulullah s.a.w went to her house and pay her a visit. Subhanallah, When Rasulullah s.a.w visited her, the woman who was in a bad condition, asked, " Who are you?" replied Rasulullah s.a.w nicely, " I am Rasulullah"
feeling puzzled, she asked again,"Who?" and Rasulullah s.a.w said nicely again " I'm the one that you always spit at.."

Upon hearing it, the old Jewish woman cried and was remorseful of her past, bad, immoral actions to Rasulullah s.a.w . Due to Rasulullah's excellent character, in the end, the old Jewish woman revert to Islam... :) The end.. Beautiful isn' it despite being hurt continuously, but Rasulullah s.a.w did not retaliate nor response with harsh comments but just by portraying his excellent character, could attract one to Islam.

Now that was the main point the ustaz wanted to highlight yesterday. By showing good character, as it is the first step in attracting people to see the beauty of Islam. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just read lah. haha

Today is my last day fasting! I mean qada for fasting. hehe and guess what, my mother is making pasta just for my day tonight! thank you mama, love you so much! hehe,

But of course, all of us cant wait for Ramadhan right! Masya Allah~ :)

Ok, yesterday on my way home from school, there was a granny with her grandchild. her grandchild was in a pram and she was standing at the side of the road probably waiting for the road to be free from any vehicles. So when I wanted to cross the road, * yes, I jay-walked* *so did the granny!* she looked at me and asked me to help her carrying her bag while she carried the pram.

Luckily, the road was clear and she was strong enough to carry her grandchild in the pram over to the other side. I totally forgot to tell her that she should just use the traffic light instead of jay walking. Nevertheless, both of them were safe.~ I told my mum about it and my mum too felt that she should use the traffic light and it is really dangerous to just carry the baby in the pram and cross over.

But, on a different note, the granny could not speak English and just muttered in Chinese. That is just cute, :) hehe

*Note to granny
Dear granny, please put safety first in all that you do. Jay walking is so not safe. Aniway, your grandchild is cute~ ;D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding and dresses and creampuffs

Ok, todays post would be about wedding. haha, actually, me and my family just attended a wedding ceremony and......
since it is the holiday season, and we got many wedding invitations. woo..

Basically, it is the foods that makes me want to go especially the desserts. cream puffs! oh they are my favourites! :) hehe

So, today's wedding is a bit unique compared to the previous one that we went because I saw so many young teenage girls of my age there, and I saw my friend. Now I know that the bride is actually their teacher. wow! No wonder there were so many girls attending. hehe

I told my mum that the girls dressed so elegantly. *including me too* hehe =p

Well, what i'm trying to say is, they are so modestly and fashionably dress! with the hijab and all others. Beautiful.

Isn'it it nice when we dress nicely and it just shows how beautiful Islam is. dressing appropriately according to the Islamics rules and also to emphasis on the tidyness on our clothing. So when people from other religions or races see us, they are going to say, " wow, I love looking at their dressing, so modest and fashionable. how beautiful" :)

Just like Rasulullah s.a.w who always dresses nicely, to portray good image and impression to others.

Dressing too is a form of da'wah. It is up to you whether you are willing or not. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I miss usrah..

I miss talking and discussing with the girls about anything that relates to our way of life. Example,: Islam, studies and MORE.. :)

But, one thing for sure, when it comes to usrah, it is all about we sitting down together in a circle and discuss about how we can become a better muslimah both in dunya and akhirah,

I regretted for not going for usrah last 2 week. hopefully they organise it next month! Amin, :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

everyday lives n im scared of spiders

..................... Everyday Live.............................

Alright, back to Eng language. maybe because of my concern towards my non-Malay readers. haha

So today I just wanna share about my everyday life experiences. Maybe some are similar to yours. Here we go......

ok I shall start with my routine to school. What I like most whenever I go to college early in the morning, there will be elderly who pass by and smile at me. *oh that's bcos you smile at them first* ;) yea that's absolutely true!

and it marks a good, wonderful beginning of my day, :) Once, there was a chinese uncle who walked past me and I smiled at him. He then said, " walking ah" hehe, He is just cute dont you think so. For the fact that I was walking and I thought probably the uncle meant whether I'm going somewhere. and I said yeaa and nodded followed by a bye-bye signal. haha

Almost everyday, there will be uncle or aunties who would exercise in the morning and when they jog and I walk pass them, we would exchange smiles. Oh the feeling is good. It just boosts our energy to look forward for the rest of the day. You should try it too. When you are walking or going anywhere, try smile at the passerby * you can try on elderly cos they will smile back at you*

Life is beautiful isn' it. It is up to us on how do we want to shape the world, and I believe in positive aura. Which means, when you are happy and it will affect the people around you as you have a positive aura.

But, if you are feeling angry, sometimes it will affect the people around you too. right? :)

Back to the topic, whenever I see elderly exercising in the morning, I wonder how my life going to be like when I'm old. What would I be doing and ect. Surely, how are we going to be like in the future will depend on what are our actions today.

Ok, that's all for my sharing today and 1 last thing about a huge spider. I saw it clinging on its web at a tree. It is soo big! yes I'm really scared of spiders even with the tiny ones. But now, I don't see you mr gigantic spider. Can it be because of the rain that washed your web away? awww, I miss seeing you spider. haha!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peace. Ketenangan.

ok, I really miss blogging and here I am updating. hee

So just a quick one and a reminder to me. yes, this is for me, tests are just around the corner and Hada, please do your best cos this is your final year Hada!

Nowwww, I desperately wanna update in Malay language after reading some blogs which boasts nice flow of Malay language sentence structures, and I feel like I want to update in Malay for now. ^^)

* Hada, it is soo not important for you to say that. =.= * haha!
In 3...2....1.....

Ketenangan. Itu yang saya rasa saat ini. *wah, bahasa dia, hehe :) *

Sekarang ni, perlu bahagikan masa dengan lebih elok lagi sebab projeks dah mula memanggil dan kadang-kadang rasa macam nak menangis pun ada. exams, projeks.. Bukan apa, takut nanti jadi yang sebaliknya. ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangat ku, Amin..

Teringat pesanan mama dan baba supaya belajar dan ingat masa depan. Adakah sama orang yang berilmu dengan yang tidak berilmu?
mama n baba selalu cakap ayat ni. hehe..:)
ni ayat Al-Quran tapi ayat Quran lagi complete. mama cuma cakap half of it je. hee

Tapi kan, tadi buka u - tube nak dengar surah AL- Mulk sebab nak fasihkan lagi hafalan. Surah Al Qalam bila nak habis ni, Hadaaaaa..

Jadi, tertarik untuk mendengar bacaan dari Imam Masjidil haram,
Syaikh Abdurrahman bin ‘Abdil ‘Aziz as-Sudais. Subhanallah, sedap sungguh dan menusuk ke kalbu bacaan imam Masjidil Haram ni kan. teringat hari tu, beliau datang ke Malaysia, jadi imam di salah sebuah masjid untuk mengimamkan solat Jumaat.

Yang best tu, bila dah selesai, ramai jemaah berpusu-pusu nak bersalaman dengan beliau. Siapa yang tak nak salam Imam besar Masjidil Haram, kan, hehe..

ok, itu bukan apa yang saya nak sampaikan, tapi tentang vide0 surah Al Mulk dekat u-tube ni. bacaan dia surah Al Mulk dan gambar video dia tunjuk planet2 seperti bumi dari angkasa. Bumi yang kita sedang duduk ni.. :) terpesona sekejap.. MasyaAllah, kerdil sungguhhhhh kita ni kan. yelah, dia tunjuk bumi,. punyelah besar dan saya bayangkan kita semua manusia duduk dalam bumi ni. Faham tak apa yang saya cuba sampaikan? hehe. ok takpe, sila lihat gambar di bawah.
ambil dari Google, ok cuba tengok bumi kita duduk ni, dalam bumi inilah kita berada sekarang. Jadi, kecikkkkk sungguh kita kan. macam satu dot. atau zahrah. Jadi, bila tengok gambar bumi dalam video tadi, rasa macam, ok Hada you can do it! So, rasa tenanglah. heee..sebab kita semua manusia ni sama je. Bukannya kalau tak lihat gambar bumi ni tak tenang, tapi bila tenung kebesaran ciptaan Allah seperti bumi ni, kenapa kita nak rasa takut, gelisah pada apa yang kita nak buat, Allah kan ada, *err, macam tk faham je apa yang saya cuba sampaikan* hehe, takpe2, konklusinya, kita perlu berusaha, doa dan tawakkal. betul kan, hehe :)

oklah, dah lama dah ni. haha.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Are we strong?

"Prophet s.a.w said: " The strong is not the one who

defeat others; it is the one who can control his anger"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to school tomorrow! :)

Yea! It is school tomorrow and I cant wait to experience it. hehehe :))

Meet my friends , new teachers and more! :)

Ok, have fun to you tooo. :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

One good deed we can do on Facebook :)))

* oh , facebook doesn't ;)*

Well well, whose birthday is it today? because I'm gonna wish you a happy birthday to you, have a blast! :)

So, today I log in fb, my eyes would automatically glance at the top right bar to see who have gotten 1 year older and within seconds..'click' on to that persons profile. For what? Wish them! (^^)

Just wanna share, I think one of the things that I like about fb is that, they inform our friends birthdays. Good isn't it? I mean first, this can strengthen our friendship ties between our friends and secondly, that birthday girl or boy would be so happy receiving wishes. Yea..I see you nodding..hehe :)

Wishing on fb is relatively easy. It just take a few seconds of your time and tada..^^ Also, I wanna add on, I agree with what my mum said, by wishing someone on fb, we are actually doing an 'Ibadah, *charity*

The Prophet also said: "Every act of goodness is charity." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 496
* I copied paste this hadeeth from a website,*

We doesn't have to pay a single cent to wish them. So, why must we close one eye about it. We wish them, they happy, we get points for our good deed. :)

Sometimes, i just wonder why we don't wanna wish some of our friends. Is it because we don't know them, or don't like them or 'nah, no difference. Someone else will be wishing for them.' So, just wash away all our hatred towards others and shove off our ignorance ok, :)

My birthday just past 2 weeks ago and I m soo happy to get many wishes. Thanks my family, friends, cousins, relatives, be it on fb, sms and in person! Love ya! :)

But, If it is someone from opposite gender and we are not familiar with him or her, maybe, that is an exception.=p Because they are Non-mahrams to us. So, yea..nothing to lose. lol

But, if they are the same gender as us, then what solid reason for us to not wish them? 0.o

So, maybe later on, you can log on to fb and wish ur friends whom you think you are lazy or refuse to wish to. hehe

Remember, we wish them, they happy, we get points for our good deed. :) Ok, go! haha!

Treat others as you would want others to treat you..Seriously, if we do not wanna wish them, then why are we friends on fb? hehehe.

Actually, what urge me to post about this is because, I have 3 friends whose birthday falls today and they all sounds happy when replying our wishes! See! They feel happy yaw! heh

Ok, go.....who knows, they are waiting for your wishhh...woooooo.. Hada, please.. -.-. haha!

So, basically, this post is about caring to others. yea, I know u know. :))

p/s: Have you ever not wishing someone.. and what makes you to do so?