Monday, September 19, 2011

A perfume seller and a blacksmith

Arab perfume
 you guess it right, a blacksmith

Whether you realise it or not, friends are one of the most important aspect in life, that we should consider. This is because, most of the day is spent with our friends and without us realising, by mingling with the kind of friends we have, they can influence our behaviour, actions, and more.

This, reminds me of a beautiful Arab quote, but I translate it in English, which means, " A good or a bad friend can be associated with a perfume seller and a blacksmith. One who is close to a perfume seller, even if he does not buy the perfume, he still gets the nice scent of it , but unlike perfume seller, one who is close to a blacksmith, his shirt might got burnt or at least, get an unpleasant smell on the shirt." (HR.Bukhari & Muslim).

Get the idea now? If you have a good friend, most probably, you will be influence by his good deeds, but if you are close to a bad friend, even if you did not follow his wrongdoing, you might still get the blame or your name will be mentioned as you are one of his close friends. 

Soo, it is our choice afterall, we choose..  (:

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