Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love yourself .
2 words but deep in meaning. I just love this picture. A picture that tells a thousand words... :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holidayy!! and that means Langkawi!! :))

Ok everybody, my holiday has just started and hoorayyy for me! despite the fact that there are other assignments that have yet to be completed. so, just you wait for my return alright , my assignments -.- ok, that aside,

Soo, you get it right, Im heading to Langkawi Island! Been there before? heh
I have been there once and I tell you what, I did not enjoy fully, simply because snorkelling was not in my activities when we were there. Seriously, when you go to any island, be it Langkawi , or any other popular beaches around the world, you certainly would want to jump into the sea and make friends with the sea creatures, arent you? hehe..*suddenly reminds me of Finding Nemo the movie* haha!

This time, I told my dad , we have to go for snorkelling no matter what! LOL :D
I googled Langkawi and I cant wait when it shows the crystal-clear water at Pulau Payar. This island is the best spot for snorkelling and diving lovers! :) Wow, I just couldn't wait to say hi to the fishes. hehehe. Next on the list is the cable car. woohh! The panoramic view, and you feels like you are in another country when you are at the top, I mean when you are at the viewing station. haha

Now,since we are talking about Langkawi, u sure have heard of Mahsuri, yess..
and from what I know, she was innocent beautiful lady who died because some sickening woman accused her of being unfaithful towards her, one man just killed her using a spear! then, to prove her innocence, when she was killed, she actually shed white blood! Secondly, before she died, she cursed Langkawi Island to become barren and unfortunate land for the next 7 generations.

Now, what you are seeing is the newly "fresh and clean" Langkawi. That's my description.heh So, I wonder whether it is true as her story was to the extent that she shed white blood. wow. she must be one good, pious woman. I dont know. Whatever it is, you can go and have a look there :)All are there. for your info, this happened in the year 1819...yea...woowwww..

Ok, what's next..taking pictures! haha! I know it is redundant to mention it but I just.could.not.wait!! to take pics! :) *Snap here, Snap there*

ok, to all, happy holidays! :D I'm going tomorrow! bye-bye!

eh, by the way, how do you get your post with all different colors? Mine is just plain black. so dull.. I cant find where is the tool box to change you font colours? help me? haha!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

After Subuh...n im blogging!

Assalamualaikum readers :) Hii..:)

Actually, things did not go as expected and what i planned turned out differently this morning. :( wanna make a guess? ok,it is nothing important. i would say it is just a minor trivial matter that really matters me. loll. ok Hada, just go straight to the point.

A couple of days ago, i read this magazine and one of the things I found interesting is the article about not continue sleeping after subuh. hows that? ;) Hmm, I bet you readers would just jump into your bed and grab that bolster of yours, agree? No..? ...then good for you! *applause* haha .ok, so there are many benefits that we could get when staying awake after subuh such as you will have more energy to start your day and you will be more fresh when doing your work! isn't it good! and either you can continue studying or do anything else. By the way, i just love this timing cos our mind will be soo fresh! easier said than done huh? especially for students like us where waking up for school early in the morning has become a daily routine and when weekend comes, you are not allowing me to continue sleeping? give me a break! haha! ok, this is not my story yet..heh

So, this morning around 6+, I decided to blog. Wait, who has ever blog arnd 6? :) I just wanna have a feel of how is it like to blog at this hour when the sun is about to rise and when you hear the birds chirping happily or when you feel the cool breeze brushes your reddish cheeks..hahaha..=p

..and here comes the climax. my laptop is showing tantrum! yes, lagging! urghh, I hate slow connection and of course I need to reformat. Seriously it happened all of a sudden and I'm suspecting virus. ok hopefully not. no no. You know the feeling of getting excited and bcos of something else, it just ruin your mood?

Wow, this post is abnormally longer than usual. quite. So, the next thing that I will talk about is of course ..TESTS..2 more weeks and I will be sitting for my tests. 4 modules for a start and hopefully all goes well. Ameen :)

bye bye

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You name it

Happy Eiduladha ! :)

Wow, its been a month I left this blog untouched. ok to start off... I just love the takbir that keeps on going for every few hours. :) yes, I mean on tv and radio. heh.. the melody that just enough to bring you to tears and it is just so soothing..
who would not love it when you only get to hear it twice a year.. with me? ;) while listening, in my mind, Im imagining myself doing Hajj. haha..I wanna go for Hajj!

ok, besides that, there is soo much to do. School assignments and not mentioning the revision that we all cant afford to miss. hah. everyone knows about it. But, I seriously think that time flies extremely fast these days. ok, I think I shall stop here because if I continue blogging, it will take an hour..or more..haha!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

whats interesting about you please? =.=

Salam and hi :)

Actually, im having my break in school now so i just have half an hour more before skipping along (totally just for fun ;p ) to the lecture hall.

it's been 3 days since school started and it's been good. furthermore, we have yet to start the crack-your-brain- mode,so we are still on the enjoy-ourself-mode, do you get the hint? haha =.=

well, its just the brief introduction on the new subjects and the introduce-yourself-session again. haha

well, here's the story, for todays Accounts lesson, our tutor wants us to introduce and share one interesting thing about ourselves.Sooo when its my turn, I said, well one interesting thing about me is im a girl with scarf while holding out my happy orange hijab. *since im the only girl who is muslim and with hijab in my class.hehe..interesting right!! LOL

and he asked "oh really?" haha. I dont really get what he meant by his "oh really?"
lol. on another hand, I like his personality..and looking forward for his lessons.
ok, time to go.. bye

Monday, October 11, 2010

Its Nearer..

Well well, its exactly 1 more week to school reopens and I feel EXCITED?! haha!

Seriously, time is catching up super fast and the next thing you know is you are in 3rd year. I mean next year. -.-

Have you ever sit down and let your mind travel back down the memory lane and thinking you could just change it? :D

Sometimes I just look up to the sky(well, this is what i do. can be anything else .hehe) and wonders what are the plans beautifully arranged for me in the near future? hmm...

ok, sounds emo much.ahaha..btw, I like this phrase, life's like a maze and
what you are now will determine what you will be in the future. quite true for some but on another hand, it doesn't go that way.

ok, as usual bye :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Alhamdulillah :)

Salam and hi :)

So today I just gotten my results and Alhamdulillah :)

But, yup there is a but, hehe,, this is not the end and I am determined to work double hard for the next semester.

On a random note, I love the way my parents smiled at me just now. their beams.. haha

Oh , Commonwealth games has started! And im looking forward to it especially those involving swimming, archery and horse-riding!!! I love horse-riding! haha :D

ok, till next post. bye :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's just about my life :)

And again, im blogging at this hour. come to think of it, i started to have an interest in blogging when i started to blog hop. i just love reading other's blog. Ranging from one full of ilm' or knowledge, new experiences to the one that simply updating their daily life routine or expressing their views. heh. and so i started one till now. Btw, sure u have notice the live feedgit has been removed becoz i then know who are the i shall say regular or loyal readers *loyal huh* haha!

oh, wait a second, is it my post or the blog roll that keeps you coming back here?
i wonder if i remove those, would there be any? oh well, :).. ok, actually now im having my holiday for a month! and im anxious to know my results! ya Allah..
from what i've heard, results will be out next week!

True enough, education is the only key towards happiness :)

Till next post.bye :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

whatever :)

*smiles widely*

Sometimes, you dont have to say it out. Your facial expression conveys everything.

Ahh, this is life...

I wonder and anticipating what comes next!! :D

*smiles again*

*ah, you dont know what i mean*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cos He is All Wise, :D :D

hii! salam everybody!
im back! ok so now what?
I wanna share with you a story...come nearer..hahaa..
ok, actually, a few days back, when i was scrolling my news feed, yup i mean facebook, i stumbled this status which says, " i wonder why God made deep sea creatures so..monsterish ".

this is cute! i mean look at its lips, vibrant red lips! u know what, im jealous! :) hahahaa

hmm.. and i paused simply because i pondered upon it too and try to find an answer that will prove His greatness and power. :) so what do you think dear readers? alright, we all know that Allah can create anything that He wants and even beyond our imagination. * suddenly imagines Jannah(paradise, syurga) *

ok, times up! show me ur answers everybody, hehehee..
well, the answer simply, cos He is All Wise. SubhanAllah..
maybe she finds that the creatures are too scary and monster look-alike therefore, she wonders why they are created.

In conclusion, this leads to the fact that Allah is great and this earth shows many signs of His greatness, one of the many signs is us. you! :) look at you, beautiful young lady and handsome man. :)

again, nobody know how is Jannah, imagine whatever we want letsay, pizza. and just by imagining it, it will pop out in front of us! wowww :))) that is Jannah :))
sooo, let us all be good khalifah ok in this world to attain His Jannah even though we know we dont deserve it...
thats all for today, just for sharing and hope you readers enjoy :)

....................................The End..............................

Sunday, September 5, 2010


i guess this is my first time posting at this hour. its 1.48 AM now. alright, that's not the point that I wanna bring up. Actually, I just feel like updating and miss typing. LOL . ok, so yea, im having cough now and it kind of disturbing because this certainly will disrupt my sleep and I probably will have to toss here and there on my bed. Allah, .. hmmm..Eid is just around the corner in less than a week. n there goes the month of blessing, Ramadhan ..:(

hopefully, this month has brought good changes in all of us .Amin :)
*coughing* haha, I know this is redundant but I seriously will avoid any fried foods or gassy/cold drinks *dislikes any gassy drinks* at the moment. btw, I dont like gassy drinks. heh. Furthermore, I will be having my exams next week and I hate being the only one coughing in the middle of the silence. i bet you dont too. You know the feeling right... again, hopefully I will be fine . Amin..

ok, dear readers, bye -bye :D.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


HI ALL! just a quick one from me

needs to catch up on assignments , then exams are just around the corner..
so,just like the normal saying " so little time " urm, maybe theres time but need to manage time accordingly? hmm


BYEEEE....:) ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Holiday is over! how i wish to have more holiday ..haha..ok , just is super is starting soon, and there you go, focus should come in hand..aniway, do you realise that my post nowadays is geting shorter and shorter? haha..well, i will post something interesting if i have the time.:) maybe you can drop some suggestions ? ok just to be random, i wanna share this verse from the Quran which is " dont come near fornication" .i dont remember which surah this belong to but Allah has put it in a nice way as in Allah never says "dont fornicate" but He says dont even go near them.. get what i mean..
till next post :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

SALAM and HIIII :) :)

yea...thanks to live feedjit now then i know whether im talking alone or not. heh.. thanks to u for popping in my nothing-very-interesting blog..haha im having my holiday but wait a second.. projects awaits me..uhuhh..ok..c ya ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


does it make sense? week starts my hols but im " happy" to say that im gonna enjoy my hols facing my laptop doing assignmetns..ohhh how fun can this be.
--.-- LOL..aniway, tomorrow is my last paper! hope everything goes well..Amin :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


oh well, how time really flies and its already week 5 of my college..and tomorrow is back to the usual monday. luckily it starts at 9 but ends at 5. wooh.. endure Hada ..:) success never comes easy..agree..
alright then just a short post tonight and bye-bye lovelies!

till next post!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


salam everyone!

YEA! i went to Jusco with my mum and we shop! duhh. haha . i love the is so huge. and we didnt even get to tour the whole mall and just managed to pop into 3 stores. the clothes there are super nice and hijab-friendly! you know it is so frustrating when u loves that shirt but it is figure-hugging or too short. or when u like a certain hijab but it is see-through.what the fish!? arghh! ok so now i cant wait to work and get my pay and there i go shopping! everything just captures ur attention and you just feel like grabbing. ok now comes the fun part.. i bought a new wallet! B.U.M heh..ok purse, im going to take care of you and treat u nicely ok ;) next week is the start of my 2nd year of college and therefore, i want everything new. do i sound like a spoilt child or ungrateful person? i mean not everythng new but some. yar, u noe what i mean. " i just loves new beginnings " loves that quote and so there. heh .whats left, is a new school bag. and... ok nevermind, will keep it to myself =p . but what is the most important thing is the new you. what have we done to improve our akhlak and many others concerning ourselves and our deen as a whole.. hopefully, we will succeed in dunya and akhirah.Amin. one more, hehe..I wanna share this hadeeth which is " make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today "

p/s: the ais kacang there is yummmylicious! till next post! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


salam !

so it is not my new look 0.0 but i want a room makeover!
presenting to you... my ideal room TADA

SO Whats in your mind? beautiful isn't it! even though my room is not as beautiful as the picture but it is quite close.LOL i mean i love the colour pink as in light pink soothing to the eyes and calm. my room is pink and so the cupboard plus my curtain, mixtures of other colours as well with some flowers on it. heee mind you, the flowers are pink too..ok ok.. you are sick of hearing that. right now, i just feel like asking my mum to go IKEA for shopping. serious..hopefully by Eid, my room is fresh! hah..what a word to describe. i always dream of having a room like a princess just like the pic above.i wonder how does the princesses rooms look like hmm..i bet they are beautiful! :D

ever heard a saying where it says ur room reflects your personality? hmm..personally, i think it is true as in it does somehow portrays ur character. agree? yup,, i see u nodding..haha oh well, back to the topic, i do have one big teddy bear sitting comfortably on my bed since i was 12 and nw im 19. just telling u..haha. i wanna buy more as in the small ones and let them sit in one just looks so nice and have the kiddyish look. is there a word kiddyish? LOL nevermind, i just made it up then. whatever it is, life goes link? i know. 2 more weeks to sch telling u this..I MISS SCHOOL! HEEE

alright then..till next post! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Marriage...hehehe ;) ( random )

hi ! ok no.., im not desperate for "hunting" one =p but i just wanna rant about it. this topic has been so popular if you happen to blog hop and they will give u all kind of advice in finding ur Prince-to-be ..haha .ok im already 'high' even when in the introduction part. hehe

since im on holiday and im already 19, so its not exaggerating much for me to talk about it ok so u all have been so familiarise with the phrase, be like a pearl in its shell deep down the ocean and only those who are strong enough may get the pearl. sweet! i like =)

well, the thing that kept me thinking is the strong urge to find our life partner.yes, this is called fitrah or the natural instinct of this just makes me go ..WOW. dont get it? nevermind..haha but one thing for sure is marriage is not as easy as we thought..yar we all know that. and im certainly not in the position to get married now and in a few years to come as some things i have not really mastered yet( dont get me wrong ok ) HAHA <------this is what my mum said..nahh..who cares, i want to enjoy my life first..travelling round the globe with my girlfriends, taste the fun of working, enjoying and spending time with my family and then...and then...continue urselves okay..=P

so to conclude, we as muslimah have to equip ourselves with both dunya and akhirah knowledge so that we wont get deceived easily and be independent on our own if anything happens..( does this link? ) o.o

p/s: seeing my couzins getting married, i wonder when is my time and who is my prince-to-be..heheh..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Adik- Adikku =))))

i miss watching this reality show..ok. it is actually a show that brings out the true potential of young muslims( age 9 to 13 yrs old).In a sense that it is to instill great awareness about Islam and its way of life . personally, i loves watching these kind of shows rather than those which doesn't seem to bring any benefits and merely focussing on entertainment.. but this show, as mentioned above,is worth watching..yup, its in malay language..hehe..i really love this show to an extend that i actually did a follow up on it from the beginning of the episode till the end which is the finale..yesterday.=)

basically, there were 7 kids who made it to the finale and they gave their very best shot. one thing that awed me are the prizes..the winner will get RM 5000 ! followed by RM3000 and RM1000 if im nt wrong..WOW! plus getting sponsors for umrah trip!!(only the first prize) how exciting! =) i think this is to motivate more kids to join and actively engaged with these kind of reality shows. oh. i forgot to mention what were they supposed to do there..they were guided by thier own mentor and have to act out or should i say present a so-called speech about a given topic..example, mother, Rasulullah and ect..

so overall, i lovess the show..awesome!

p/s= i actually dont really support Wajih.i support Amin.. he memorised so many hadeeth and has a soothing voice when reciting some verse of Quran..but its ok.. consolation prizes are RM 1000 still! and it is still a WOW! =D

this is Amin(he got RM1000)..who i thought would emerge as the winner..but emerged as fourth..

this is Naim=)(im nt sure how much he got)
he is sooo cute.hehe..he got third ! alhamdulillah..

this is Qayyim=)( walked away with RM3000) now he is special..becos... he is blessed with good memory and wonderful voice despite that he is blind..subhanallah, he is sooo good in presenting his part especially when he touched a part on Rasulullah..almost(maybe all) all of the audiences were touched by that..besides, his cute jokes will make us remember him.. we miss u =))

and this is Wajih, the champion who walked away with RM5000 cash plus sponsors to umrah trip! =D congrats! =)

yess!!! i miss them. thats why i even searched their photo and share it here..=) heheh..
so lets share ur opinions about this..shall we=)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HI !! =) =)

assalamualaikum my readers.=)....

firstly, sorry for not updating my blog as ive been busy with my upcoming exams which gonna starts this thursday..phew~~ so i will resume blogging on 2nd march .=) insyaAllah.. cos on that day,exams are over and my holiday starts! yeayyyy!! hahaa..

ok.. so i will leave you with my favourite quote..
here it is...
" Say your prayers before your prayers are said for you.."
ponder upon..=D
till then