Friday, April 2, 2010


salam !

so it is not my new look 0.0 but i want a room makeover!
presenting to you... my ideal room TADA

SO Whats in your mind? beautiful isn't it! even though my room is not as beautiful as the picture but it is quite close.LOL i mean i love the colour pink as in light pink soothing to the eyes and calm. my room is pink and so the cupboard plus my curtain, mixtures of other colours as well with some flowers on it. heee mind you, the flowers are pink too..ok ok.. you are sick of hearing that. right now, i just feel like asking my mum to go IKEA for shopping. serious..hopefully by Eid, my room is fresh! hah..what a word to describe. i always dream of having a room like a princess just like the pic above.i wonder how does the princesses rooms look like hmm..i bet they are beautiful! :D

ever heard a saying where it says ur room reflects your personality? hmm..personally, i think it is true as in it does somehow portrays ur character. agree? yup,, i see u nodding..haha oh well, back to the topic, i do have one big teddy bear sitting comfortably on my bed since i was 12 and nw im 19. just telling u..haha. i wanna buy more as in the small ones and let them sit in one just looks so nice and have the kiddyish look. is there a word kiddyish? LOL nevermind, i just made it up then. whatever it is, life goes link? i know. 2 more weeks to sch telling u this..I MISS SCHOOL! HEEE

alright then..till next post! :)

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