Thursday, April 15, 2010


salam everyone!

YEA! i went to Jusco with my mum and we shop! duhh. haha . i love the is so huge. and we didnt even get to tour the whole mall and just managed to pop into 3 stores. the clothes there are super nice and hijab-friendly! you know it is so frustrating when u loves that shirt but it is figure-hugging or too short. or when u like a certain hijab but it is see-through.what the fish!? arghh! ok so now i cant wait to work and get my pay and there i go shopping! everything just captures ur attention and you just feel like grabbing. ok now comes the fun part.. i bought a new wallet! B.U.M heh..ok purse, im going to take care of you and treat u nicely ok ;) next week is the start of my 2nd year of college and therefore, i want everything new. do i sound like a spoilt child or ungrateful person? i mean not everythng new but some. yar, u noe what i mean. " i just loves new beginnings " loves that quote and so there. heh .whats left, is a new school bag. and... ok nevermind, will keep it to myself =p . but what is the most important thing is the new you. what have we done to improve our akhlak and many others concerning ourselves and our deen as a whole.. hopefully, we will succeed in dunya and akhirah.Amin. one more, hehe..I wanna share this hadeeth which is " make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today "

p/s: the ais kacang there is yummmylicious! till next post! :)


kakchik said...

salam hada. shopping is always fun and loved by the ladies. you must having some great times with your mum at Jusco. i wish i can see the wallet that you've bought because i have a BUM wallet too.

mawaddah said...

waalaikumussalam kak chik :) aww..i think ours are the no, urs is much nicer than mine..hehe..i just loves the teenage-like :) thanks for reading kak chik :)