Friday, March 26, 2010

Marriage...hehehe ;) ( random )

hi ! ok no.., im not desperate for "hunting" one =p but i just wanna rant about it. this topic has been so popular if you happen to blog hop and they will give u all kind of advice in finding ur Prince-to-be ..haha .ok im already 'high' even when in the introduction part. hehe

since im on holiday and im already 19, so its not exaggerating much for me to talk about it ok so u all have been so familiarise with the phrase, be like a pearl in its shell deep down the ocean and only those who are strong enough may get the pearl. sweet! i like =)

well, the thing that kept me thinking is the strong urge to find our life partner.yes, this is called fitrah or the natural instinct of this just makes me go ..WOW. dont get it? nevermind..haha but one thing for sure is marriage is not as easy as we thought..yar we all know that. and im certainly not in the position to get married now and in a few years to come as some things i have not really mastered yet( dont get me wrong ok ) HAHA <------this is what my mum said..nahh..who cares, i want to enjoy my life first..travelling round the globe with my girlfriends, taste the fun of working, enjoying and spending time with my family and then...and then...continue urselves okay..=P

so to conclude, we as muslimah have to equip ourselves with both dunya and akhirah knowledge so that we wont get deceived easily and be independent on our own if anything happens..( does this link? ) o.o

p/s: seeing my couzins getting married, i wonder when is my time and who is my prince-to-be..heheh..

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Liliana said...

I wanna get maried. pleash =/