Friday, March 19, 2010

Adik- Adikku =))))

i miss watching this reality show..ok. it is actually a show that brings out the true potential of young muslims( age 9 to 13 yrs old).In a sense that it is to instill great awareness about Islam and its way of life . personally, i loves watching these kind of shows rather than those which doesn't seem to bring any benefits and merely focussing on entertainment.. but this show, as mentioned above,is worth watching..yup, its in malay language..hehe..i really love this show to an extend that i actually did a follow up on it from the beginning of the episode till the end which is the finale..yesterday.=)

basically, there were 7 kids who made it to the finale and they gave their very best shot. one thing that awed me are the prizes..the winner will get RM 5000 ! followed by RM3000 and RM1000 if im nt wrong..WOW! plus getting sponsors for umrah trip!!(only the first prize) how exciting! =) i think this is to motivate more kids to join and actively engaged with these kind of reality shows. oh. i forgot to mention what were they supposed to do there..they were guided by thier own mentor and have to act out or should i say present a so-called speech about a given topic..example, mother, Rasulullah and ect..

so overall, i lovess the show..awesome!

p/s= i actually dont really support Wajih.i support Amin.. he memorised so many hadeeth and has a soothing voice when reciting some verse of Quran..but its ok.. consolation prizes are RM 1000 still! and it is still a WOW! =D

this is Amin(he got RM1000)..who i thought would emerge as the winner..but emerged as fourth..

this is Naim=)(im nt sure how much he got)
he is sooo cute.hehe..he got third ! alhamdulillah..

this is Qayyim=)( walked away with RM3000) now he is special..becos... he is blessed with good memory and wonderful voice despite that he is blind..subhanallah, he is sooo good in presenting his part especially when he touched a part on Rasulullah..almost(maybe all) all of the audiences were touched by that..besides, his cute jokes will make us remember him.. we miss u =))

and this is Wajih, the champion who walked away with RM5000 cash plus sponsors to umrah trip! =D congrats! =)

yess!!! i miss them. thats why i even searched their photo and share it here..=) heheh..
so lets share ur opinions about this..shall we=)

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