Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You name it

Happy Eiduladha ! :)

Wow, its been a month I left this blog untouched. ok to start off... I just love the takbir that keeps on going for every few hours. :) yes, I mean on tv and radio. heh.. the melody that just enough to bring you to tears and it is just so soothing..
who would not love it when you only get to hear it twice a year.. with me? ;) while listening, in my mind, Im imagining myself doing Hajj. haha..I wanna go for Hajj!

ok, besides that, there is soo much to do. School assignments and not mentioning the revision that we all cant afford to miss. hah. everyone knows about it. But, I seriously think that time flies extremely fast these days. ok, I think I shall stop here because if I continue blogging, it will take an hour..or more..haha!

Enjoy your day!


sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

Same here, nothing come up in mind plus busy busy busy ...

mawaddah said...

haha! busy woman huh sayyidah? ;) heeh