Thursday, October 21, 2010

whats interesting about you please? =.=

Salam and hi :)

Actually, im having my break in school now so i just have half an hour more before skipping along (totally just for fun ;p ) to the lecture hall.

it's been 3 days since school started and it's been good. furthermore, we have yet to start the crack-your-brain- mode,so we are still on the enjoy-ourself-mode, do you get the hint? haha =.=

well, its just the brief introduction on the new subjects and the introduce-yourself-session again. haha

well, here's the story, for todays Accounts lesson, our tutor wants us to introduce and share one interesting thing about ourselves.Sooo when its my turn, I said, well one interesting thing about me is im a girl with scarf while holding out my happy orange hijab. *since im the only girl who is muslim and with hijab in my class.hehe..interesting right!! LOL

and he asked "oh really?" haha. I dont really get what he meant by his "oh really?"
lol. on another hand, I like his personality..and looking forward for his lessons.
ok, time to go.. bye

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