Monday, October 4, 2010

Alhamdulillah :)

Salam and hi :)

So today I just gotten my results and Alhamdulillah :)

But, yup there is a but, hehe,, this is not the end and I am determined to work double hard for the next semester.

On a random note, I love the way my parents smiled at me just now. their beams.. haha

Oh , Commonwealth games has started! And im looking forward to it especially those involving swimming, archery and horse-riding!!! I love horse-riding! haha :D

ok, till next post. bye :)


sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

salam alikom wr wb Mabrook dear !!!
Yeah, it s very nice feeling if we make our parents happy! true

I dont know the commonwealth already started btw, i love all u mention, all are sunnah Rasolullah saw...yo lets live the sunnah in our heart and our life insha Allah

mawaddah said...

waalaikumussalam Sayyidah!! wow, tat is fast! haha ;) yea, thanks! :)

yup2, it has started! btw, do u noe when is games tat i mentioned gonna start? huhu

sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

Yeah, so fast!I dont have any idea bcose I dont watch that stupid box, lol tell me at least for that 3 games, the details.