Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's just about my life :)

And again, im blogging at this hour. come to think of it, i started to have an interest in blogging when i started to blog hop. i just love reading other's blog. Ranging from one full of ilm' or knowledge, new experiences to the one that simply updating their daily life routine or expressing their views. heh. and so i started one till now. Btw, sure u have notice the live feedgit has been removed becoz i then know who are the i shall say regular or loyal readers *loyal huh* haha!

oh, wait a second, is it my post or the blog roll that keeps you coming back here?
i wonder if i remove those, would there be any? oh well, :).. ok, actually now im having my holiday for a month! and im anxious to know my results! ya Allah..
from what i've heard, results will be out next week!

True enough, education is the only key towards happiness :)

Till next post.bye :)


sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

Salam alikom Hada...good luck for the result.u have 1 week to dua ,okay c ya

mawaddah said...

Waalaikumussalam Sayyidah!! :) thanks awak, hehe :D