Sunday, September 5, 2010


i guess this is my first time posting at this hour. its 1.48 AM now. alright, that's not the point that I wanna bring up. Actually, I just feel like updating and miss typing. LOL . ok, so yea, im having cough now and it kind of disturbing because this certainly will disrupt my sleep and I probably will have to toss here and there on my bed. Allah, .. hmmm..Eid is just around the corner in less than a week. n there goes the month of blessing, Ramadhan ..:(

hopefully, this month has brought good changes in all of us .Amin :)
*coughing* haha, I know this is redundant but I seriously will avoid any fried foods or gassy/cold drinks *dislikes any gassy drinks* at the moment. btw, I dont like gassy drinks. heh. Furthermore, I will be having my exams next week and I hate being the only one coughing in the middle of the silence. i bet you dont too. You know the feeling right... again, hopefully I will be fine . Amin..

ok, dear readers, bye -bye :D.

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