Monday, October 11, 2010

Its Nearer..

Well well, its exactly 1 more week to school reopens and I feel EXCITED?! haha!

Seriously, time is catching up super fast and the next thing you know is you are in 3rd year. I mean next year. -.-

Have you ever sit down and let your mind travel back down the memory lane and thinking you could just change it? :D

Sometimes I just look up to the sky(well, this is what i do. can be anything else .hehe) and wonders what are the plans beautifully arranged for me in the near future? hmm...

ok, sounds emo much.ahaha..btw, I like this phrase, life's like a maze and
what you are now will determine what you will be in the future. quite true for some but on another hand, it doesn't go that way.

ok, as usual bye :)

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