Saturday, June 26, 2010


Holiday is over! how i wish to have more holiday ..haha..ok , just is super is starting soon, and there you go, focus should come in hand..aniway, do you realise that my post nowadays is geting shorter and shorter? haha..well, i will post something interesting if i have the time.:) maybe you can drop some suggestions ? ok just to be random, i wanna share this verse from the Quran which is " dont come near fornication" .i dont remember which surah this belong to but Allah has put it in a nice way as in Allah never says "dont fornicate" but He says dont even go near them.. get what i mean..
till next post :)


سيده نفيسه said...

salam alikom Hada, so fats.i will begin my new sem in uni on 11 still some holidays haha but still im so eager to start new sem !!!

hada said...

waalaikumussalam Sayyidah! :) ohh,cool! love ur spirit! haha ;D

malaysian hijab blog said...

salam sis.leaving my foot print here .......wish everything is good with u.take care