Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eat fish using straw? yumm

I love the new blog layout! I mean when you sign in and click on your dashboard or when u create a new post, it is fresher, and looks cleaner. haha

Anyway, today I read Anis, favourite collection magazine of mine and my mum. It is a woman's mag, but men could read it too. When my father took it and read it, I smiled and said to him, *giggles*, baba, baba also reads Anis, :) It is a good magazine, full of knowledge, be it Islam or anything involves your daily life. My next recommendation is Solusi. I love this too! <3 Try reading it once, you definitely wants for more! *trying to make it sounds like a food advertisement*

So one article which captured my interest was the title, " eating ikan haruan (snakehead fish) using straw " Mind u, for this, it is not a normal size fish that we usually eat, but those which are the same size as the anchovies. How about that? haha! Actually, it caters more for woman who just give birth. By eating that tiny little snakehead, it can somehow cure the mother's womb. Then, it showed a picture of the editor eating the tiny snakehead using straw. The snakeheads are put into a glass of water and by using straw, there you go, sip it! Ewww.  

But she looked calm in the photo and when asked, she said, " Oh, it feels like cincau * a kind of drink* " Also, she added on by saying that, when you sip it harder, the fish just goes up faster such that you dont even feel it in your mouth! *Woah* Nevertheless, I would give a second thought before trying it. Who knows, while sipping it, it got stuck in my mouth and ... (I dont know what might happen,) Whatever it is, it will be a new and fun ? experience, yea!  Besides, it is made into fish essence too, so it is worth your try to eat it live.. hehe ^^

This is the size of the fish.

Imagine, sipping these into your straw..I know you can! 

Alright, till next post. :)

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