Saturday, May 28, 2011

everyday lives n im scared of spiders

..................... Everyday Live.............................

Alright, back to Eng language. maybe because of my concern towards my non-Malay readers. haha

So today I just wanna share about my everyday life experiences. Maybe some are similar to yours. Here we go......

ok I shall start with my routine to school. What I like most whenever I go to college early in the morning, there will be elderly who pass by and smile at me. *oh that's bcos you smile at them first* ;) yea that's absolutely true!

and it marks a good, wonderful beginning of my day, :) Once, there was a chinese uncle who walked past me and I smiled at him. He then said, " walking ah" hehe, He is just cute dont you think so. For the fact that I was walking and I thought probably the uncle meant whether I'm going somewhere. and I said yeaa and nodded followed by a bye-bye signal. haha

Almost everyday, there will be uncle or aunties who would exercise in the morning and when they jog and I walk pass them, we would exchange smiles. Oh the feeling is good. It just boosts our energy to look forward for the rest of the day. You should try it too. When you are walking or going anywhere, try smile at the passerby * you can try on elderly cos they will smile back at you*

Life is beautiful isn' it. It is up to us on how do we want to shape the world, and I believe in positive aura. Which means, when you are happy and it will affect the people around you as you have a positive aura.

But, if you are feeling angry, sometimes it will affect the people around you too. right? :)

Back to the topic, whenever I see elderly exercising in the morning, I wonder how my life going to be like when I'm old. What would I be doing and ect. Surely, how are we going to be like in the future will depend on what are our actions today.

Ok, that's all for my sharing today and 1 last thing about a huge spider. I saw it clinging on its web at a tree. It is soo big! yes I'm really scared of spiders even with the tiny ones. But now, I don't see you mr gigantic spider. Can it be because of the rain that washed your web away? awww, I miss seeing you spider. haha!

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