Sunday, June 12, 2011


I miss usrah..

I miss talking and discussing with the girls about anything that relates to our way of life. Example,: Islam, studies and MORE.. :)

But, one thing for sure, when it comes to usrah, it is all about we sitting down together in a circle and discuss about how we can become a better muslimah both in dunya and akhirah,

I regretted for not going for usrah last 2 week. hopefully they organise it next month! Amin, :)


sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

Yeah, me too! i love usrah. It is once a week and if the usrah cancelled or i miss it, my week is teribble ..

Nur Mawaddah Mohd Shah said...

high five Sayyidah! :) best kan, usrah~ :))