Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding and dresses and creampuffs

Ok, todays post would be about wedding. haha, actually, me and my family just attended a wedding ceremony and......
since it is the holiday season, and we got many wedding invitations. woo..

Basically, it is the foods that makes me want to go especially the desserts. cream puffs! oh they are my favourites! :) hehe

So, today's wedding is a bit unique compared to the previous one that we went because I saw so many young teenage girls of my age there, and I saw my friend. Now I know that the bride is actually their teacher. wow! No wonder there were so many girls attending. hehe

I told my mum that the girls dressed so elegantly. *including me too* hehe =p

Well, what i'm trying to say is, they are so modestly and fashionably dress! with the hijab and all others. Beautiful.

Isn'it it nice when we dress nicely and it just shows how beautiful Islam is. dressing appropriately according to the Islamics rules and also to emphasis on the tidyness on our clothing. So when people from other religions or races see us, they are going to say, " wow, I love looking at their dressing, so modest and fashionable. how beautiful" :)

Just like Rasulullah s.a.w who always dresses nicely, to portray good image and impression to others.

Dressing too is a form of da'wah. It is up to you whether you are willing or not. :)

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