Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just read lah. haha

Today is my last day fasting! I mean qada for fasting. hehe and guess what, my mother is making pasta just for my day tonight! thank you mama, love you so much! hehe,

But of course, all of us cant wait for Ramadhan right! Masya Allah~ :)

Ok, yesterday on my way home from school, there was a granny with her grandchild. her grandchild was in a pram and she was standing at the side of the road probably waiting for the road to be free from any vehicles. So when I wanted to cross the road, * yes, I jay-walked* *so did the granny!* she looked at me and asked me to help her carrying her bag while she carried the pram.

Luckily, the road was clear and she was strong enough to carry her grandchild in the pram over to the other side. I totally forgot to tell her that she should just use the traffic light instead of jay walking. Nevertheless, both of them were safe.~ I told my mum about it and my mum too felt that she should use the traffic light and it is really dangerous to just carry the baby in the pram and cross over.

But, on a different note, the granny could not speak English and just muttered in Chinese. That is just cute, :) hehe

*Note to granny
Dear granny, please put safety first in all that you do. Jay walking is so not safe. Aniway, your grandchild is cute~ ;D

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