Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm curious about Bersih

Assalamu a'laikum and hi to all, :)

I dont know why but to blog now. I'm just curious and wonder at the happenings around the world, particularly what happen in Malaysia. Yes, you got that right. Bersih. The Bersih's demonstration. Maybe, I'm in no good position to critic or condemn about what's going on there simply because I'm Singaporean but when looking at the huge population of demonstrators, (can you imagine, it nearly reached 5000 people!) marching and demonstrating, I start to wonder, what exactly did the government which is UMNO, do wrong to the nation to the extend that they were willing to go out of their home and demonstrate. 

What I heard was, the unfair election rally claiming that the opposition party lose. besides, it involved bribing. Is that true Malaysian? correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just curious why do they hate  dislike the government. Yar, I do know a little about politics in Malaysia but I'm just curious. There should be something wrong somewhere that provoke them to carry out the Bersih's demonstration. I dont know,  
I'm not siding anybody because I dont know the real story behind it.

Hopefully, the government realise what they are doing, which benefits the country and the citizens, being fair and all other things.


Maher said...

i also dunno what to say, many ppl choosing to march doesn't necessarily mean that government is purely evil. The march can also be a manipulation. Maybe.

But some also say, that Bersih got nothing to do with anti-government sentiments. This is said by Bersih protestor themselves (some). But also ive watched video where the protestors melaungkan Hdup Pakatan (opposition), no one can make any gneralisation here.

But we must think which is our top priority. Deepen our knowledge about islam or else?

Nur Mawaddah Mohd Shah said...

thanks brother Maher,

I just hope that Malaysia will be peaceful with its citizens love the government, that's all I can say because I'm not in Malaysian situation and therefore, cant say much, Malaysians know better, :)