Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I love Ramadhan :)

* A bit awkward since I left my blog untouched * ^^

Ok, Assalamu'alaikum and hi to you, 

Hmm, for Muslims, its about 9 days left for us to maximize our ibadah during Ramadhan. How's your progress so far? How many juz of Al Quran have you read? :)
I'm jealous because I feel like, I did not do enough during this Ramadhan and I just wish I could turn back time. It is impossible, I know. To read the Quran, to do other kind of prayers and more. I'm having my tests this month and I wonder whether did I able to balance my time between my studies and the Ibadah during Ramadhan such as being consistent in reading Quran. 

Ok, on another note, have you come across this hadeeth, I love this hadeeth! Here it says, Rasulullah s.a.w said, " There are two types of happiness for those who are fasting. Firstly, when they are about to break fast and secondly, when they meet Allah, they are happy with their fast" [ Bukhari and Muslim ]

Allah, it is absolutely true indeed, :) :) When me and my family were at our dining table, just a few seconds after the announcement made at the radio, we ( me and my brother, haha) were so excited and would squeal delightfully such as by saying " ok, quick! quick! '' hehe. The feeling when we take the sip of the cold drink or our favourite food. I know, you were like us too right, ^^ 

Ok, till here for now, Lets grab the opportunities for this last 9 days of Ramadhan. Laylatul Qadar, maybe? Aamin, :)

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