Monday, November 21, 2011

Memorise Quran with my brother, Abrar :)

*listening to Taha Al Junayd murattal recitation*

After Maghrib, my family usually will read the Quran while me and my brother, Abrar, will revise our memorisation of the Quran. :) Alhamdulillah, we finished Juz Amma and now, we are in the middle of Juz 29. I had 3 more surah's left, before taking the Juz 29 test. But, I'm scared actually.

So tonight, I asked my mother to test me on surah Nuh. How it goes is, my mother would pick any ayah and I should continue the recitation. This is where the challenge comes. At the starting, I could recite the surah but as it goes further, I could not. I forgot the ayah and when my mum recite the first part of every ayah, then only I could continue. I felt different. Seriously, I fely like crying and began to wonder why I could not remember some of the ayah like the other huffaz ( people who memorise Quran).

When I told my mum, she said it is normal and tried to convince me that I can do it. She supported me by complimenting how good I was when reciting some other parts of the surah or other surahs. But, I did not feel satisfied. So, what I did was, I asked the same question to my brother. The exact same ayah that my mum asked me. The result, he could recite it! But, he too got stucked a while later. * relief* I felt relief when knowing that he too forgot a little. hehe :) So, I thought I was the only one who had *imaan(faith) problem*  such as maybe, I did wrong to my parents, to Allah or sin that I did not realise, that caused me to forget the recitation. But, my parents told me that it is normal since I have not revised it consistently. Ya, maybe because of that.

I told myself that I should brush up on my memorisation and sometimes I feel scared. It is like when you memorise new surah, what happen to the surahs that you had memorised? how can you ensure that you could remember the previous surah? Ok, by reading it consistently. yup, easier said than done. Hopefully, I could be consistent in this. " syaitan would always disturb you when you are memorizing Quran. So, we must be strong and have high determination and imaan to keep on memorizing the Quran " said my ustazah (religious teacher). Ustazah Nurul Huda, she is a huffaz. :)) I 'm totally amazed by how she can memorise the entire Quran and to all other huffaz too. They are  wonderful, Subhanallah, :)

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed tonight's family activity. Me and my brother would take turns reciting and my mum would check on our recitation. The funny part is when my brother could not continue, I would mouth the ayah and he will continue. it is so cute! And, I told my parents this is one of the effective way to get your memorisation right. A really fun way. Can't wait for tomorrow's night.
* Lets challenge, Abrar, hehehe =p*

Also, since his name is Abrar, means, a good person.  Ameen..Coincidentally, the surahs that both of us read mentioned his name. such as surah Al-Infithar and surah AlMuthaffifin. Not only that, when my baba read the du'a after solah,. he would show his priceless expression. huh! *jealous mode* Oh well, I have my name mentioned too in surah Ar Rum.  Check it out yea! hehe. So these are the things that we laughed about just now. I love it! <3

Alright, another thing that I love to share is, I always love subuh's time. After subuh solah, is the best time to get your revision done. It is where your mind is fresh and that's when we can start on our revision. :))

So, do you have any tips on how can you remember it easily? :))


erolgenius said...

wow! amazing, Im quite surprised that you have very strong emotion which lead you to continue the revision of the quran, keep it up man! don't give up easily....I hope, you can be among the best Huffaz one day....not only that, but you also can be the best in the sight of Allah in the hereafter, Insya Allah, I loved to read your blog, may Allah bless you young man!

Nur Mawaddah Mohd Shah said...

Thanks for the comments. Yup,sometimes, I wonder whether is it just me or it is a normal situation.

By the way, I am a girl! :D

Asif said...

During my days in Darul Quran, my tasmi' lecturer always told us, that we forgot our Quran, just because so we never stop revising them. One of Allah's blessings to huffaz, is Allah let us forget parts of the Quran, so we would never stop revising.

Nur Mawaddah Mohd Shah said...

Shukran Asif, for the sharing. Yup, maybe Allah wants us to be closer to Allah, right? ;)