Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just dropping by, my little hut diary.

* wahh, it has been a while since I last blogged*

*Maklang, if you are reading this, say hiii to Hada ok at the shoutbox. hehehe. saaayanggg maklang! :)

Last week, I finally been to an usrah! I was soo excited to go as this was my first time joining such an event. Girls event specifically. I went with my friend, Syahirah, whom I just recently knew too. Oh, how life is sweet. :)

Ok, when we arrived at Kampong Siglap Masjid, we were quite late and they were doing a tadabbur of the Quran. I felt calm and happy when one of the sisters shared with us about a verse in the Quran, which reminded her of death. Allah...., a young teenage girl talked about death. I remembered about Rasulullah s.a.w hadeeth, which says, One who is intelligent is one who thinks about death. May Allah grant us husnul khaatimah. ( death with a good ending) Ameen. :)

The second section was about hijrah. meaning, how we change to becoming a better person in any aspects. Be it in studies, becoming a good daughter, sister, and to all beings on this earth. hehe
Ok, after all the discussions, we had cheesecake for refreshments! it was nice, and I love it. and guess what was provided too? SUSHI!! Yeaaa, I loveee sushii a lotttttttt! *exxagerated much?* this shows how much I love this Japanese food, sushi! You love it too? then gimme five! haha! sushi are just cute and yummy. :D

Also, what amazed me was, there were 3 young niqabi too! Wow, at this young age, they wear niqab. I respect them and I just love seeing them wearing niqab. One of them is the same age as me, 20. :)

To conclude, after Isyak solah, we were dismissed. Now then I know how usrah is and if there is a second time, I definitely would'nt make it a miss. :) 

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