Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan Mubarak =))

yeah! just 1 more day left and there the moment we have been longing for.. the holy month=)
im so excited:) cant wait for tomorrow's night about the terawih prayers.. hmm.. i wonder who's going to be the imam and recites the soothing Quran.. aniway, speaking of Ramadhan, it reminds me of last year in school where usually every tuesday, we will have our usual PE lesson.. so as it was during Ramadhan, and we Muslims were obviously fasting, there was this friend of mine , a guy just raised his hand giving his fatigue look and said,' sir, i cant play cos im fasting and i will get thirsty.' at that moment, i felt like saying to him,arent you ashamed by saying that? seriously, it is like giving my teacher the idea that fasting, is the month of 'tiredness' or'weakness' as most people cant carry out their normal daily routine and stopping the youth from engaging in sports! or whatever it is.. c'mon!! wake up youth!! dont give fasting as an excuse to postpone or cancel your activities. go on with your soccer games even if you are fasting for the boys..and for girls.. dont sigh and say ' oh im tired of doing this and that.. bla.. bla.. look.. when we are fasting, the whole world are eyeing on us.. yes!.. they want to see whether we are stong enough to fast.. people, show them that we are strong! fasting does not make us weak nor lazy .. know what.. even Rasulullah went for WAR during Ramadhan! see.. and back to my story, in the end, he dint play but the rest of us Muslims played.. argh.. hellloo.. you are a guy and yet you remained inactive? i felt like dragging him to the field. i remind myself too and yar.. Ramadhan Mubarak again to all of you =))


Candice said...

I can't help but to be scared of Ramadan! My first one and I want to succeed in fasting and praying, and I want to make other efforts... But I can feel it will be so hard for me not to eat! I had a small breakfast this morning instead of my regular and I was in pain and so headachey! lol.

Mina said...

Ramadan Kareem sweety...the excitment is building up here too:)

Jazakhallu kairun for the gift on fb xXx

mawaddah said...

to Candice~ haha lol=) yeah we can make it=) just have trust in yourself.. if we think we can do it then it will turn out well=))

to Mina~ haha.. yeah.. the whole world is happy about it.:)