Saturday, August 22, 2009


im wide awake.. =) dont know why.hmm.. maybe too eager for tomorrow's first day of fasting.. actually there's a story i wanna share.. last year, when me and my mum went for shopping during Ramadhan and while on our way back, so we were walking, i spotted a muslim girl happily drinking and i accidentally stared at her..=0.. the scariest part was she stared back at me giving a 'any-problem-?' look. luckily we walked away fast.. firstly im really shocked by her attitude as she had no shame and showed no respect towards the fasting month. and on another note, i pitied her as she lacked of knowledge about fasting.. this just reflects her family's upbringing=/.. how sad..

so.. let us all reflect ourselves to be a better person. ameen =]
alright.. till the next post.
my bed is calling me....
oo hang on a second..
aren't the dates below looks tempting?=)
alright, Ramadhan Mubarak to you=)


Candice said...

I'm thinking she was probably having her period or something. She probably figures people understand that when they see a woman not fasting during the fasting hours. It would probably be better for her to be more discreet, but it personally would not have bothered me at all that she was doing it "happily" instead of secretly. And that look she gave you could've been nothing at all. Some people have harsher expressions than others and don't realize how it comes off! Try not to be too bothered by it, it happened a year ago!

mawaddah said...

salam Candice=) actually she did stared in a harsh way and i dont know whether she is having her period or not but still.. whatever reasons she has, eating in public is a big no. she can only eat it in her house not in public. she must respect the month of Ramadhan..
yar.. but it just makes me feel angry about it cos she will give the bad impression of Muslim to the non-Muslims. i just wished she realised her mistake..