Wednesday, September 2, 2009


woohoo!! exams are last =) hoping for the best for my exams.Ameen..
so here i am blogging ..=) haha..
so its been 5 months im in college and theres a lot of things i experienced..=))

aniway..just wanna share the experiences that i had all sit straight..
and enjoy..


friend: hey Hada, why do u wear that headscarf?
ME: oh.. haha.. i have to wear it cos it is a must for all muslim girls who has reach their it or not..
friend:oh..but some of my malay friends never wear it.then why eh..
ME: actually..we have to wear it.. maybe they either dont know or dont bother..*smiles*
friend:ohhh..*nod her head* u wear it at home
ME: haha! you are very funny.. of course we dont..haha..only when our couzins or any outsiders who comes..then we cover..
friend2:*shock* hahh? even if ur couzins..u should also wear??
friend3: but..when u are at home..u dress normally right..
ME: duhhh... hahaha..


the first day of one of the lessons..

Mr: alright class. since this is my first lesson with you all.. i want you to introduce urselves and tell us what makes u outstanding from the rest..ok let's start from u..*points at a guy*

guy: *introduce himself*
girl:..*same as above* i have short hair..
ME: im mawaddah *smiles* and you can call me hada.. *smiles again*..ok..i think by now all of u know that u can easily recognize me cos im wearing a headscarf..*points to my scarf proudly and yup..smiles*
MR: *nods his head and smiles*


during lesson

SIR: Hada, dont u feel cold?
ME: sir..*wants to joke with teacher* im covered and protected.haha..
SIR:yar..very good..very good..*smiles*
ME: ???????

the end..=)) that's the bits and pieces of my life in college and im grateful to have wonderful and great friends and lecturers..even though im the only malay and muslim in my class..especially with the hijab on.. all of us are treated equally and there is no way you would feel discriminated..we shared our laughs and2 yar.. i had a good laugh with all of guys are awesome..=))

ok..i like the 3rd one..cos i dont get what he meant by 'very good' it because im not cold or because im covered?..hehe =) or both..=)) a nutshell.. i love hijab=)) cos its an identity as a muslim =))) wear it proud and wear it with pride=))

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Ms. R said...

Salam alaikom ukht1!

A few pointers for you to add insha Allah the next time someone asks you about hijaab :)

Hijaab is worn:

1) for Allah swt because Muslim women are ordained to wear as stated in the Qur'an. (suraah al-ahzaab I believe; insha Allah check it out again ;) )

2) You can say that wearing Hijaab is to uphold modesty; an act of honour and dignity; an act of purity; an act of righteousness

3) It protects us from strange men staring at us. We don't like to share our beauty with just anyone :)

4) As for your Christian friends you can say: I wear Hijaab because I follow the ways of Mary who wore hijaab too. It is nothing new, hijaab didn't come from something strange but in fact had been there for centuries alhamdulillah :) *ask them why they are not wearing if they love Jesus a lot and follow his footsteps hahaha :)

insha Allah :)