Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ramadhan =) come faster..=))

assalamualaikum and hi to all :)
fuhh.. it's been a long time since I update my blog. do you miss me?.. lol..haha.. and i want to thank all my readers who spent a bit of their time, reading my posts.. =) so I just want to say that Ramadhan is around the corner and im looking forward to it. well everybody does.. the thing that I miss most during Ramadhan was when we wait to break fast and the minute the azan goes.. yeay... it's time to i mean the atmosphere and the kind of feeling that engulf us when we break fast.. that's when I realised the ni'mat of fasting.. its like we refrain ourselves from eating and drinking the whole day and when the time comes, you get what I mean dont you..=) aniway.. Ramadhan is coming.. lets upgrade our iman alright.. =)) and one more thing.. i really love spending a few weeks of Ramadhan in Makkah or Madinah but that is only a dream.. * wondering when will i have the chance*... you know.. the feeling is going to be absolutely different.. staying close to Rasulullah.. ohhh.. anyone of who who had once stayed there during Ramadhan.. oh.. I envy you..haha


Jana said...

Ramadan Mubarak :D

mawaddah said...

salam Jana=) yeah! haha erm do u have facebk.. so can we be friends..hehe=)

.:khaulah al-azwar:. said...

salam ramadhan..hope ramadhan this year better then before