Friday, July 3, 2009

stop it !

I was fuming last night when i received a forward message from my friend. she did not know who the sender was and sent it to me to know my response. so it says,' say oh Allah, i love you and please come to me.' dont delete it as this is real. it happened to Ibnu*( i forgot his name). he dreamt of Rasulullah and he said that upgrade your iman as this dunya is very old and is going to an end. pass this message to 10 people and within 10 hours your life will change to a better one. if you refuse, then your life will be full of difficulties and sorrows. Wallah.

see?? that( whatever-you-call) person have the guts to use Wallah in his message. how could he!!

have you ever get this kind of message? what did you do? please this is not even in the hadeeth! stating that it is a must to pass this message to 10 people and when refuse, our life will be in total disaster??!!

stop it ok!!!
and dont play with the word Wallah!!!!


Mina said...

I hate those kinda messages...who are they to say that:/

Fatimah said...

Do your part by not forwarding it on and educating the person who sent it to you!

mawaddah said...

to Mina- yeah.. it is so sickening;0.. n thx for visiting =)

to Fatimah- actually yeah i did that and hopefully that person realised.. n thx for visiting =)