Tuesday, June 30, 2009

beautiful story..

assalamualaikum :)
today i want to share a story that i just read which nearly brought me to tears..
it is about Hasan Basri and a beautiful woman..
it is mentioned that Hasan Basri loved to take a walk down the street. so minutes later, someone caught his attention and that person was a very beautiful lady..
due to his strong desire for that woman, he followed her home..

so when she realised that someone was following her home, she reprimanded him saying, " have you no shame young man!"

she added by saying, " shame to Allah who is all-knowing about what you have done!
why are you following me?"

Hasan Basri replied nonchalantly," im actually amazed by your beautiful eyes"

hearing that, she asked him to wait outside while waiting
for her.

few minutes after that, another woman who was her maid, came out handing out a box to him.
suspecting nothing happened, he opened it up and to his horror, that thing in the box was actually a pair of eyes.

(now, this part was the most touching part)
she said that her employer did not need those eyes where it caused other men to be attracted to it.

Hasan Basri was really shocked by what he heard and went home feeling extremely guilty.he realised his mistake and repented.

actually there is more of the continuation but i will just stop here
there is a message written which i really love to share with all of you.
'a woman who is willing to dig out her eyes just to avoid any defamation.
but women nowadays loves showing off who has the sexiest asset and the best style just to attract men'

so to all sisters out there and also to myself, let us all follow what has been mentioned in the Quran in order to attain His Jannah..

i really love that story as it shows how strong her iman was and hopefully we keep upgrading our iman :)

we cover because we are too good to be seen :))


Minty said...

salam sis,this is such a great reminder, thanks for sharing.


mawaddah said...

waalaikumussalam Minty:) it is my pleasure. and it is a great reminder to all of us too.:)

alfaqir_ilAllah said...

Subhanallah. wat a nice story..:) thanks 4 sharing sis..