Saturday, June 27, 2009


assalamualaikum :)

ok so the story continues...
what amazed me even more is that their respond towards the azan.. the minute the azan was heard, all of the selling and buying will stop for a while. this is because it has been a habit and a norm for them the sellers to stop what they are doing and go for prayers. the great emphasize to pray on time. this is what im stressing here. :)

masyallah, I just love the sight where we can see the people rushing towards Masjidil Haram to perform solah, putting aside wether their businesses will decline and suffer some losses but the main thing is to pray on time.. something which is very rare to see in other countries..

this is what i admire about the community here..
even though they might be late to join in, they will just pray outside their shop. seconds later, many will join them and continue the line which is the saff.

thats all for today..
keep our iman up high :))

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