Saturday, April 18, 2009

the power of hijab and Assalamualaikum

assalamualaikum to all:) some of you might be wondering why am i choosing this topic. actually there is a story behind it. as we muslims know, saying salam to other Muslims are very much encouraged and replying to it is a must or 'wajib'. so here is the story, yesterday when i was on my way back home and i took the train. and.. few stops later there was this couple who looks like in their twenties, board the train so the woman was wearing hijab and guess what? we exchanged glances and smiles and i said salam to her. naturally she replied back and we started to have some nice chat. they are Arabs and yarr.. thats the only thing i want to share.

so maybe to some of you this is just a trivial matter but when we give it a second thought, actually it is a way of creating a bond within us. a united ummah regardless of race and culture. we are totally strangers but with just that universal identity which is the hijab and by saying salam , we are the sisters and brothers of Islam.

but on the other hand, some sisters just find it difficult,hard or even take it lightly when some Muslims smile at them, they just ignore or just staring at the ground. come on, isn smiling a charity?:) but obviously we are not supposed to easily smile at guys and should actually lower our gaze.

in conclusion, let us all practice to greet other Muslims by saying salam and smile because that just shows how harmony and universal Islam is.
have a nice weekend:)


Nuratika said...

Hey i do agree with your statement on exchanging salam. How about we start a big campaign on it.. heheh Saying Salam is Fun =)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

How do you do it sis? When I want to say salams to a sister on the train, I'd be so nervous about it; I don't want them to start thinking like im a weirdo but wallah i always yearn to go up to a sister and smile and send my salams and tell her that I love her fisabilillah; just dont have the guts to :S

mawaddah said...

to atika- hi atika yes you should agree with what i say. hahaha. erm, why dont you start first;.)

to aqilah- hi aqilah:) haha easy though. just smile and say salam. hehe.

M.J. said...

i used to feel SOOOO shy about it but now i go out of my way to smile and mouth it even if they are on the other side of the mall, street, whatever. its just nice to see other hijabis!

mawaddah said...

to mj- it is totally fun right when seeing other hijabis and say salam to them:)