Monday, April 27, 2009

bits and pieces of my life

while on my way to the school depatment office with my friends and we waited for the lift so
there was a bunch of boys who were waiting for the lift too and...

two of the boys mumbled something and i could only catch the last part of his sentence which was

'it is a religious thing.' i knew that he was referring to me because he took a quick glance on me and then turned to his friend.

so thats all for today. surely, he was wondering why i wear the hijab and he asked his friend bout it, so his friend replied'it is a religious thing' and then i could see he nodded and there was silence... i just smiled to myself..

i just feel like posting about this.
what is your say? experiencing the same thing?


Candice said...

I think that's a good answer for someone who doesn't want to go into much detail or is simply not that informed.

mawaddah said...

hi candice, yar i agree with you. rather than commenting some nasty remarks.