Thursday, April 30, 2009

start now!

actually i read this forum about hugging parents and there are varied responses. some are shy?? to hug their mothers and the other bunch said that it is a routine to hug their parents when they go to school or work and when it is time to sleep. it is an interesting and captivating forum as some stated that when you hug your lovely mummy and daddy, there is some kind of aura or some form of therapy that transfers to your body. the more you hug, the stronger the bond between you and your family members.

to add on, one of them said something that really awed me which is, she is really close with her family members especially her father but never hug him. so, now her father had passed away and she regretted for not hugging him. also she said that we should really appreciate our parents now when they are right in front of us before comes a day when your parents are no longer in this dunya anymore.

so to all of you who find it hard to hug your parents, delay no further and hug countless times so that a happy family can be achieved.
to conclude, i love to share that our true friend is actually our parents and they are the ones who are more than willing to share every bit of sorrows or happiness with us. so everybody start now and keep smiling.

this second photo actually a pic of husband and wife and nothing got to do with parents but i just love how he express his love to his wife. full of love.

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