Saturday, April 25, 2009

I want to follow my mother

i am back:)
so today i have a case to share which is about conversion to another religion.

currently there is a hot issue going on in Malaysia where there is this Indian couple who filed a divorce due to her husband conversion to Islam. he used to be a Hindu. firstly, i will say subhanallah because this man had already gotten hidayah from Allah. so another problem arose. what is going to happen to their children? are they going to follow their mother and remained as a Hindu or following their father and converted as a Muslim? to add on, their father already converted his children to Islam without his wife consent and agreement. as a result, the scenario became chaotic and his wife decided to bring forward this case to court. In the end, the verdict was her children should follow their mother thus remain as a Hindu. i actually watched this video where the two children one is a boy age 11 and the other one is a girl. im not sure what is her age. they came with their mother and attended the press.
at the end, the boy named Karan was interviewed and here was what he said.

"i dont want to follow my father. i want to follow my mother. i am an Indian. i dont want to be a Malay. I am borned as a Hindu and i dont want to die as a Malay."
so being an 11 year old boy, he may not be exposed to the different religions let alone Islam.naturally he will follow his mother. as being mentioned in the Quran, there is no compulsion in religion. it is only when one has reach 18 and above then one has the right to choose their own religion.

so what is your say about this sensitive issue? another thing that wonders me is the stereotype and thinking of the non muslims towards their understanding of Islam. Islam is not only for malays or arabs or any other specific race. Islam is a universal religion:). where ever you go, which ever continent you explore, definitely, you will see a Muslim be it of different race, colour, language or culture. be it north south east or west, you will absolutely see people with their Muslim identity. so i dont know when this stereotype going to fade. may i stress again that Islam is for all races and not for any specific race.
so back to that topic , hopefully the bond between the father and his chidren will be everlasting and growing stronger and stronger despite their religious background. it is a really sad and touching story. i feel ike crying. you know what i mean right.. and hopefully too , Karen and his sister will find the truth during their lifetime journey and yar.. thats all i can say. can you imagine, you have been staying with your lovely daddy and all of a sudden, your father converted to a religion which is strange to you? and due to that, you are in dilemma on who to stay with and which one to follow.
so how do you feel about it. have your say.
have a nice weekend ahead:)


Liliana said...

Islam is not Malay lah boy! Islam is the religion..not all muslims are Malay! there are black,white,chinese and whatever your race can be a muslim.LOL.Inshaallah he'll see how good Islam is for him.

mawaddah said...

to liliana.. haha thats so true.. he still small la girl.. give him time to think.

Candice said...

I think that in general it's better for a child to be with his mother. And in this case, it was obviously better for them because they had been raised in a way, and she was the stable parent (not changing religions and stuff). Had the mother been the one to convert, I'd be torn between it since children are better off with mothers, generally, but are better off with stability, which is the father in that situation. It definitely depends on the whole of the situation though, of course.

I also wanted to add that I don't think 18 is "the age" where a person becomes an adult. That's just the legal age we use here.

mawaddah said...

thanks candice:) for your comments.yar i agree with you regarding the legal age thingy.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum As an Ex Hindu myself i can only say that the child has been brain washed by the mother, we can make dua for the children and ask allah to guide them ameen. As for becoming Malay i think the mother has misinterpreted Religion as the kids can never become Malay unless they naturilse by Nationality but then its only on paper. I am British Asian and Muslimah alhamduilah and proud to be this way.

I got a lot of stick from my family when i converted infact i have no contact with them till this day only my mum and sisters in the last 5yrs.

Maybe the kids will decide when they get older inshaAllah but its important for the dad to maintain relations with them and not be outcasted from their lives!

mawaddah said...

to rainbow in the grey sky, masya allah! you finally found the light.alhamdulillah:) yar.. hopefully they will know the truth.ameen.. i hope that you can build that relation back with your family memberss and show them that even though you have become Muslim, we cant have any relations with our family members.

mawaddah said...

i mean we still regards our parents as our parents.get it right..