Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Sharing

Assalamualaikum:)Im back:)
today im going to post some sharing and it is about ourselves. so, it is about our manners or adab be it with our friends, relatives or even when we are in some events. ever been in a situation where you are with two of your friends and suddenly the two of them started whispering to each other lefting you out? how do you feel? you think they are talking about you or insulting you.. im sure most of us have gone through all this and this is what i am going to post about.

Rasulullah once said in his hadeeth, that 'dont you ever whisper to the next person beside you when you realise there is the third person.' subhanallah! how beautiful Islam is. even to this extend, we should be careful when doing something. it may seems trivial but it is not because you dont know that you might hurt the third person's feelings. this is how Islam teaches us the ummah the manners, and not to hurt other persons feelings. may this be a reminder to all of us and the next time you want to whisper to your friend, do take note of the third person even though what you are going to say doesnt have anything to do with the 3rd person. again, she might be sad.

that's all for today, have a nice weekend ahead:)


Saafir said...

Masha'Allah for the post

mawaddah said...

thanks saafir,