Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the unconditional love


today actually i have something to share with all of you which is the unconditional love by our dearest mothers. i read one article about a son who wrote a letter to his mother. below is the content.

cost of helping mum

go to shop $4

taking care of siblings $4

help to clear the rubbish $1

help to tidy up room $2

help to water the plants $3

help to sweep the floor $3

after he finished writing, he gave it to his mom and this was what his mom replied

cost of staying up late accompanying you , free

cost raising you ,feeding you and clothe you , free

she then gave it to her son and he started to cry upon reading it.

then, he turned to his mummy and say, mummy, i love you...
adding on, he then wrote on the paper, all cost paid.

masya allah!!

i am at the verge of crying when reading this. subhanallah.. our mothers...nothing can pay all the countless deeds done by a woman name mother. what about us?? do we do something to our mummy just because of wanting a reward? i remember there is this verse from the Quran stating that it is a sin even when saying 'ah' to our mothers.
something to ponder upon


Asha said...

JazakAllah khair sis! I really like this post...

No matter how much we do or in this case 'charge' our parents, it will never be enough to repay their kind deeds.. and they are not asking anything in return except that we love and respect them! That's not much yea?

When I hear stories about children sending their parents to home care (for the aged) because they are too busy with their lives, it is heartbreaking. I wonder what their parents went through to bring them up to deserve such treatment.

Anyway sis, this reminds me to often keep in touch with them now that I'm staying far away :S

mawaddah said...

yeah :) it reminds me too. aniway, thanks for yr comments.:)

Qurcya said...


First time i read that story,i actually cried. really our mothers went through and sacrified so much for us but we take count for every little things we do. compared to theirs,our doings are like a small grain of sand to the ocean.

May Allah forgive us all and make our mothers members of the Jannah,insyaALlah. Amin.:)

mawaddah said...

waalaikumussalam;) actually this is from iluvislam right.. so we should really appreciate our parents. btw, do u make ur bog private? can you invite me to ur blog? hehe and can we exchange links.. :)

Management Consultant said...

You said "..if we are not as pious as Fatimah Az Zahra, then how are we going to get a husband who is as devote as Ali,"..well....you have to love Ahlul Bayte in order to follow their footsteps..aren't you?

mawaddah said...

salam managemant consutant:) yes absolutely! and i love all of them. longed to meet them miss them soo much..so let us try to be like them even though it is quite hard to achieve.
well thanks for ur comments:)

Anonymous said...

mother is like an angel..am i right?