Sunday, May 20, 2012

blog and background music. -.-

Any idea on what I am blogging about? :) Ok, let me just being straightforward.

Whenever I read blogs, sometimes,  it comes with a background music.

Firstly, when I 'm listening to Quran or nasyids on youtube and at the same time, read people's blog that automatically plays the background song, I get irritated. Err.

Why? Because, it doesn't has the on/off or play/pause button!   =.=

Unfortunately, I ended up, mute the volume and this means, I can't listen to the Quran, zikir or nasyids (my own playlists / youtube ) at the same time. Grrr.

Pleasee, I have no objections if you want to insert your background music on your blog but please insert a music player which has the play or pause button. User friendly ya! :D

One music player which I often noticed is 'Gratisan Music'. I'm not sure if it is right because I myself don't include music player in my blog. So I can't find the stop button and unwillingly "abandone" my playlists. How annoying  sad..

Sometimes, when the blogs I stumble upon, have a user friendly music player, I happily press the 'stop' button and read their posts calmly. hehe

Nevertheless, if it has nice, soothings melody to offer such as Quran, zikir or nasyids , I would loveeee to hear over and over again and would never hesitate to leave my playlists alone. heh

On the other hand, some are rock music or other songs which are none of my taste/preferences but I love to read their posts but due to the incompatible match between me and the songs posted, I ignore the blog.

So bloggers, dont take it to heart, just make your music player to a user friendly and there you go, we will take a nice 'stroll' at your blog with a happy face.. ;)

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