Thursday, January 5, 2012

New experience.. :)

* Special for maklang and makcik. hehe

Alhamdulillah, it has been a month I had my internship(school-internship) and I gained a lot during my working experience! The environment, colleagues, and the working life. I will always remember what my parents told me, that whatever happens, Allah is always with us. :)

Thank you mama and baba for being the bestttttest friend for me, loveee youuu :)))

Ok, my attachment is at DBS Bank Asia Hub, Changi. Right now, I'm attached to DBS Bank for 3 months and I'm counting the weeks noww, 7 more weeks to go! hehe. Alright, what I lovee about  DBS Asia Hub is, the staffs are friendly! yar, I know, every staff in every workplace is friendly. But, I like the friendly environment. Another thing which i find it respectful is they have separate microwave for halal foods. So, there are 2 microwave. Wahh, they are really concern about Muslims. :)) hehe. But I have not used it since I did not buy any frozen foods there. ;)

The foods there are delicious too! Just name it whether it is western, malay or briyani (indian food) , it is there for you,, *yummyy* Last but not least, I love the dbs shuttle bus! saves costs and you can have your own seat! instead of in the train, sometimes, depending on your luck, you may or may not have a seat. hehehe.

Ok, next is about how I miss my school-days. When I'm on my way to work, and saw the school kid, it brought my school memories back. How I missed my school badly, I mean, the times where we studied all different subjects, our teachers, friends, cca, and moreee, awww..How time flies..

Ok, tomorrow, I will be having my orientation for the new staff and for my internship! I can't waittt,

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