Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm 20? 0.0


Well, on 29 March, I just turned 20, kind of a week ago. heh
Even right now, I still can't believe that I have left the teenhood and entering the real adult world. haha 0.0

As you can see at the top post, it was a beautiful, funny yet meaningful birthday wish from my mum, it says, " If you are a flower, be an orchid. If you are a wood [ for fun] be a teak *haha* and if you are a stone, be an emerald or green jade [ oo, i love this ] May Allah bless you always :)

Maybe, it seems simple and a just-for-fun wish. But, it did mean something for us to ponder upon. Especially for us ladies, we have to be the best among the best.
[ I'm not saying im the best but i think it is not wrong for us to try being the best :) ]

Ok, so when my baba [father] and mama wished me, it really goes into my mind and I kept telling myself that I have to improve myself in every aspect of my life as there is a saying, " As you are getting older, there comes bigger responsibility " 0.0
responsibility as a khalifah Allah,
responsibility as a daughter to my baba,
responsibility as a daughter to my mama,
responsibility as a sister to my brother, Abrar,
responsibility as a friend to another friend [haha]
and the list goes on and on ......................
Sometimes i wonder if I could be a good person that pleases everybody, pleases Allah , pleases my loved ones..

Hmm, i'm left with 2 more weeks of 'freedom' as in holidays. hehe.Before I go back to school! Thats fast I must say..huhuhu

o yar! Thanks to all my friends who wished me, be it on fb or personally. hehe. much appeciated. :)

ok, till next post. :))

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