Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's just about my life :)

And again, im blogging at this hour. come to think of it, i started to have an interest in blogging when i started to blog hop. i just love reading other's blog. Ranging from one full of ilm' or knowledge, new experiences to the one that simply updating their daily life routine or expressing their views. heh. and so i started one till now. Btw, sure u have notice the live feedgit has been removed becoz i then know who are the i shall say regular or loyal readers *loyal huh* haha!

oh, wait a second, is it my post or the blog roll that keeps you coming back here?
i wonder if i remove those, would there be any? oh well, :).. ok, actually now im having my holiday for a month! and im anxious to know my results! ya Allah..
from what i've heard, results will be out next week!

True enough, education is the only key towards happiness :)

Till next post.bye :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

whatever :)

*smiles widely*

Sometimes, you dont have to say it out. Your facial expression conveys everything.

Ahh, this is life...

I wonder and anticipating what comes next!! :D

*smiles again*

*ah, you dont know what i mean*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cos He is All Wise, :D :D

hii! salam everybody!
im back! ok so now what?
I wanna share with you a story...come nearer..hahaa..
ok, actually, a few days back, when i was scrolling my news feed, yup i mean facebook, i stumbled this status which says, " i wonder why God made deep sea creatures so..monsterish ".

this is cute! i mean look at its lips, vibrant red lips! u know what, im jealous! :) hahahaa

hmm.. and i paused simply because i pondered upon it too and try to find an answer that will prove His greatness and power. :) so what do you think dear readers? alright, we all know that Allah can create anything that He wants and even beyond our imagination. * suddenly imagines Jannah(paradise, syurga) *

ok, times up! show me ur answers everybody, hehehee..
well, the answer simply, cos He is All Wise. SubhanAllah..
maybe she finds that the creatures are too scary and monster look-alike therefore, she wonders why they are created.

In conclusion, this leads to the fact that Allah is great and this earth shows many signs of His greatness, one of the many signs is us. you! :) look at you, beautiful young lady and handsome man. :)

again, nobody know how is Jannah, imagine whatever we want letsay, pizza. and just by imagining it, it will pop out in front of us! wowww :))) that is Jannah :))
sooo, let us all be good khalifah ok in this world to attain His Jannah even though we know we dont deserve it...
thats all for today, just for sharing and hope you readers enjoy :)

....................................The End..............................

Sunday, September 5, 2010


i guess this is my first time posting at this hour. its 1.48 AM now. alright, that's not the point that I wanna bring up. Actually, I just feel like updating and miss typing. LOL . ok, so yea, im having cough now and it kind of disturbing because this certainly will disrupt my sleep and I probably will have to toss here and there on my bed. Allah, .. hmmm..Eid is just around the corner in less than a week. n there goes the month of blessing, Ramadhan ..:(

hopefully, this month has brought good changes in all of us .Amin :)
*coughing* haha, I know this is redundant but I seriously will avoid any fried foods or gassy/cold drinks *dislikes any gassy drinks* at the moment. btw, I dont like gassy drinks. heh. Furthermore, I will be having my exams next week and I hate being the only one coughing in the middle of the silence. i bet you dont too. You know the feeling right... again, hopefully I will be fine . Amin..

ok, dear readers, bye -bye :D.