Sunday, May 31, 2009


assalamualaikum and hi to all:))

1 more week to go! yeay!!
i cant wait to go to Kedah in Malaysia to visit my lovely grandma and grandpa
also the cute adorable ,irresistible baby boy Lukman Hakim.

one more thing.. my aunt will be coming back from umrah too ..

and i will get to hear her wonderful and memorable stories. hopefully she will get for me something... abaya or Mekah special chocolates or.. never ending list. hahaa.
ok serious.. hopefully maklang and paklang will arrive back to malaysia in a good state of health. amin.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Sharing

Assalamualaikum:)Im back:)
today im going to post some sharing and it is about ourselves. so, it is about our manners or adab be it with our friends, relatives or even when we are in some events. ever been in a situation where you are with two of your friends and suddenly the two of them started whispering to each other lefting you out? how do you feel? you think they are talking about you or insulting you.. im sure most of us have gone through all this and this is what i am going to post about.

Rasulullah once said in his hadeeth, that 'dont you ever whisper to the next person beside you when you realise there is the third person.' subhanallah! how beautiful Islam is. even to this extend, we should be careful when doing something. it may seems trivial but it is not because you dont know that you might hurt the third person's feelings. this is how Islam teaches us the ummah the manners, and not to hurt other persons feelings. may this be a reminder to all of us and the next time you want to whisper to your friend, do take note of the third person even though what you are going to say doesnt have anything to do with the 3rd person. again, she might be sad.

that's all for today, have a nice weekend ahead:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the unconditional love


today actually i have something to share with all of you which is the unconditional love by our dearest mothers. i read one article about a son who wrote a letter to his mother. below is the content.

cost of helping mum

go to shop $4

taking care of siblings $4

help to clear the rubbish $1

help to tidy up room $2

help to water the plants $3

help to sweep the floor $3

after he finished writing, he gave it to his mom and this was what his mom replied

cost of staying up late accompanying you , free

cost raising you ,feeding you and clothe you , free

she then gave it to her son and he started to cry upon reading it.

then, he turned to his mummy and say, mummy, i love you...
adding on, he then wrote on the paper, all cost paid.

masya allah!!

i am at the verge of crying when reading this. subhanallah.. our mothers...nothing can pay all the countless deeds done by a woman name mother. what about us?? do we do something to our mummy just because of wanting a reward? i remember there is this verse from the Quran stating that it is a sin even when saying 'ah' to our mothers.
something to ponder upon

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ya Rasulullah.. we miss you...

i just came back from the masjid with my family as we attend this forum about Rasulullah. i really love the ustaz as he is very popular here which is ustaz Fauzi. he told us the story about Rasulullah and his background. it was really touching and penetrating as he brought us back 1400 years ago recalling what countless deeds Rasulullah had done for us and the obstacles Rasulullah faced when spreading Islam in Makkah and Madinah. so, he then urged us to reflect upon our actions all this while and the sins that we commit day by day without even we realising it.
so this is a reminder to me and to all of us that Rasulullah love us, his ummah so much but ask ourselves, what have we done to Rasulullah? do we love him as much as he does? and do we follow his sunnah or just close one eye about it..taking it lightly..
ya Rasulullah.. we love you and we miss you...

im back:)

assalamualaikum and hi to all!:)
im back:) it has been a week since i last blog and i totally missed it! so i want to thank my readers who do visit my blog and drop some meaningful comments. i appreciated it so much. hehe. currently, i am quite busy with my assignments and seems that i cant blog that often. so do wish me good luck for my studies ok:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

how will the beauty of Jannah be

assalamualaikum ,
today i will not type much and let you enjoy Allah's ceations and the beauty of this dunya and ponder upon these beautiful creations....

subhanallah... beautiful isn it...

if this is the beauty of the dunya, then how is the beauty of Jannah will be?...
o Allah, we dont deserve your Jannah let alone to have a peek in it. but we are afraid of the hell fire..
o Allah.. show us the right path... ameen..