Monday, January 3, 2011

How I met my new friend :)

Umm.. No, it is not How I met your mother the TV series. This is how I met my new friend today. haha :)

*smiles* :) I'm so happy today because of several reasons. But the thing that amused me most was none other than this cute incident.

alright, it all began in school when I went to the library to settle some things.
Soo, while I'm busying with my laptop, there was this girl who sat beside me and ok, I thought. heh

Then, this is the climax. I was rushing to get my things done and BAAM! I got stucked. The clock was ticking and sweat tickling down my cheek.(actually, no. heh) I was in the verge of crying. I looked around me and said to myself that I should ask her for help.
Nowwww, that's the beginning of our new friendship . haha!

So, hows the story? feel the tense? haha. ok2, I continue...

After all settled, we then just get back to our own world. Here is the part, she then asked me whether I have facebook account and wanted to add me up as friend. Get the cute incident here?

what's more is when we went home laughing, talking like we have been friends for years when she is actually a complete stranger a few minutes before, sitting beside me minding her own business. heh :)
A complete stranger at first and then after a few minutes, becomes your friend. I dont know if you get what i'm trying to say but this just seems cute. I told my mum and she said oh, it is normal. LOL. hahaha

How about you? have u encounter similar experience?
ahh, this life is colourful. I'm lovin it *the mcdonald tune*:D

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