Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love yourself .
2 words but deep in meaning. I just love this picture. A picture that tells a thousand words... :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holidayy!! and that means Langkawi!! :))

Ok everybody, my holiday has just started and hoorayyy for me! despite the fact that there are other assignments that have yet to be completed. so, just you wait for my return alright , my assignments -.- ok, that aside,

Soo, you get it right, Im heading to Langkawi Island! Been there before? heh
I have been there once and I tell you what, I did not enjoy fully, simply because snorkelling was not in my activities when we were there. Seriously, when you go to any island, be it Langkawi , or any other popular beaches around the world, you certainly would want to jump into the sea and make friends with the sea creatures, arent you? hehe..*suddenly reminds me of Finding Nemo the movie* haha!

This time, I told my dad , we have to go for snorkelling no matter what! LOL :D
I googled Langkawi and I cant wait when it shows the crystal-clear water at Pulau Payar. This island is the best spot for snorkelling and diving lovers! :) Wow, I just couldn't wait to say hi to the fishes. hehehe. Next on the list is the cable car. woohh! The panoramic view, and you feels like you are in another country when you are at the top, I mean when you are at the viewing station. haha

Now,since we are talking about Langkawi, u sure have heard of Mahsuri, yess..
and from what I know, she was innocent beautiful lady who died because some sickening woman accused her of being unfaithful towards her, one man just killed her using a spear! then, to prove her innocence, when she was killed, she actually shed white blood! Secondly, before she died, she cursed Langkawi Island to become barren and unfortunate land for the next 7 generations.

Now, what you are seeing is the newly "fresh and clean" Langkawi. That's my description.heh So, I wonder whether it is true as her story was to the extent that she shed white blood. wow. she must be one good, pious woman. I dont know. Whatever it is, you can go and have a look there :)All are there. for your info, this happened in the year 1819...yea...woowwww..

Ok, what's next..taking pictures! haha! I know it is redundant to mention it but I just.could.not.wait!! to take pics! :) *Snap here, Snap there*

ok, to all, happy holidays! :D I'm going tomorrow! bye-bye!

eh, by the way, how do you get your post with all different colors? Mine is just plain black. so dull.. I cant find where is the tool box to change you font colours? help me? haha!