Saturday, October 31, 2009


Assalamualaikum my beloved readers..=) huhu..woww..its been like erm..lets see...3 wks or is it one month? aniway... i really miss blogging and here i am blogging.heh.=p.. school has been great and im coping well..alhamdulillah =D..
looking forward for second year! yeah! ok..serious..i wonder if anyone of you have heard about the recent news about what is happening in Malaysia.." malay prophet" yup..there is this particular man claimed to be the next prophet and he confidently quoted one of the verse in surah not sure which verse is that but he claimed that particular verse was directed t him! WTH?? seriously he has jin/genie in his body and soul!!..and when he was being interviewed..some of the reporters "shoot" him some questions about how he can be so 200% sure that he is the current it was like 6 against 1..and what tickled me was when he said " look. you all are still young and im already old so i know better.." loolll.. me and my family were laughing hard listening to what he said..and now the claim-to-be-prophet was arrested and will be jailed for 10 years (if im nt wrong) 6 caning!..hopefully he repent because he did not only ruined his own life but he too has his followers that are so obsessive of their new teachings..naudzubillahiminzaalik..

p.s..i love malaysia..please be a good country..
okay..enjoy ur weekends everybody=)