Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alhamdulillah, I'm happyyyyy!! :)

Alhamdulillah, I'm happy with my resultss! :)

My baba is happy, my mama is happy, my brother is happy and I'm happy!

Again, alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, thank you soo much, :)

Actually, we have to put high confidence to Allah. We had done our best and the rest, we leave to Allah. :) But of course, it comes with a du'a, hardwork, and lastly, tawakkal ( resignation or, rely to Allah) :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A perfume seller and a blacksmith

Arab perfume
 you guess it right, a blacksmith

Whether you realise it or not, friends are one of the most important aspect in life, that we should consider. This is because, most of the day is spent with our friends and without us realising, by mingling with the kind of friends we have, they can influence our behaviour, actions, and more.

This, reminds me of a beautiful Arab quote, but I translate it in English, which means, " A good or a bad friend can be associated with a perfume seller and a blacksmith. One who is close to a perfume seller, even if he does not buy the perfume, he still gets the nice scent of it , but unlike perfume seller, one who is close to a blacksmith, his shirt might got burnt or at least, get an unpleasant smell on the shirt." (HR.Bukhari & Muslim).

Get the idea now? If you have a good friend, most probably, you will be influence by his good deeds, but if you are close to a bad friend, even if you did not follow his wrongdoing, you might still get the blame or your name will be mentioned as you are one of his close friends. 

Soo, it is our choice afterall, we choose..  (:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eat fish using straw? yumm

I love the new blog layout! I mean when you sign in and click on your dashboard or when u create a new post, it is fresher, and looks cleaner. haha

Anyway, today I read Anis, favourite collection magazine of mine and my mum. It is a woman's mag, but men could read it too. When my father took it and read it, I smiled and said to him, *giggles*, baba, baba also reads Anis, :) It is a good magazine, full of knowledge, be it Islam or anything involves your daily life. My next recommendation is Solusi. I love this too! <3 Try reading it once, you definitely wants for more! *trying to make it sounds like a food advertisement*

So one article which captured my interest was the title, " eating ikan haruan (snakehead fish) using straw " Mind u, for this, it is not a normal size fish that we usually eat, but those which are the same size as the anchovies. How about that? haha! Actually, it caters more for woman who just give birth. By eating that tiny little snakehead, it can somehow cure the mother's womb. Then, it showed a picture of the editor eating the tiny snakehead using straw. The snakeheads are put into a glass of water and by using straw, there you go, sip it! Ewww.  

But she looked calm in the photo and when asked, she said, " Oh, it feels like cincau * a kind of drink* " Also, she added on by saying that, when you sip it harder, the fish just goes up faster such that you dont even feel it in your mouth! *Woah* Nevertheless, I would give a second thought before trying it. Who knows, while sipping it, it got stuck in my mouth and ... (I dont know what might happen,) Whatever it is, it will be a new and fun ? experience, yea!  Besides, it is made into fish essence too, so it is worth your try to eat it live.. hehe ^^

This is the size of the fish.

Imagine, sipping these into your straw..I know you can! 

Alright, till next post. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freedom and Dating.


Now, I can say I have the freedom but it doesn't mean that I can fully enjoy my holidays now, as up next are my final year project and internship which Im soo looking forward for! hehe *hopefully I can do my best during my attachment in one of the banks, Amin, :)*

In short, I have finished my exams, and I am worried about my results, because this is my final year! 0.0 My mum keep asking me what do I feel about my results and I'm like, mama, we just wait for the results ok, hehee . In actual fact, I'm scared tooo! On a random note, I'm listening to Nasheed Ramadan by MisharyAlafasy. Go and google it :) Ohh, it is sooo soothing and bring my Ramadhan memories back. weeeee :)

Sometimes, I feel like I'm not 20, Oh, am I ? haha. ignore that, Ok, lets get back to serious matters. Alright, this morning, me and my mama were in the kitchen and we chit chat. So, mum brought up the topic about going dating. UH-HUH, dating. 0.0 well, here is what I'm gonna share. Actually, mum always brought up this topic whenever we are together. It is just that today, I feel like posting this up. 

So, as we all know, there is no such thing as dating, in Islam. 
You want to date, go ahead, provided that both of you are married. Full stop. Even if you are engaged, this does not give you the permission to hang out together as a couple anywhere. I'm not explaining in depth about this but this is the least we need to know. So, when talking with my mum about this, sometimes, it just makes me wonders why some of the teenagers or adults who know the Islamic rules, but decide to do it. They say it is a current trend, where those who don't go for dating are outdated or too religious.

This is not about being too religious or not keeping with the current trend. * By the way, which trend culture are you focussing here?*  In Islam, it is clearly stated in the Quran where dating is strictly prohibited. Therefore, we have no right to question about this because, it is as if we are questioning Allah? To add on, we went further by saying that, if dating is the reason for knowing more and getting to know more about each other, then why are there, divorce among those couples who have been known to love each other before married? Those couples who had been dating every week and knows practically everything about their girlfriend/boyfriend 's favourite food, colour, or habits, but when they are married, in the next year, we hear them filing a divorce. So, how then do you say dating can help you preserve you marriage?

That is why, Islam is beautiful. :) weee. It sets out guidelines for us in order to find the right spouse. *Hada talking about spouse?* No dating doesn't mean, we can't get to know our future spouse. read the above para, if you insists that dating is. haha =p Hence, to make sure that we get the best out of the best, it is important to look at the Deen of the person. Just look at those who never know each other and they live happily ever after, right, hehe. 

So the point here is, dating is not allowed in Islam. If you like somebody, then say it to your parents and they will arrange an engagement for you, provided you have check the background of your admirer and all that. haha. Then on the day of your wedding, you will feel soo special! hehe, because this is your first time , in a halal way, with your spouse. ^^

Ok, till here for now. I can't believe I'm elaborating on this.
*feels awkward when my parents talk about my marriage with me* hahah ^^

But, I love to share this quote, it says, '' I love you because of the deen that is in you, If you lose your deen, then I will lose my love towards you '' [Imam An Nawawi] :)