Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pleasant view :)

Hi, firstly, Im having my short break holiday and here, it has been raining for almost a month!! Alhamdulillah :) but, there are lots of revision that needs to be done. ok, move on.

Actually, I wanna share with you readers about my trip to Langkawi Island two months ago. So, this means that I will be serving you nice, pleasant pictures to view! Arn't you excited! haha

ok, so we went to ride the popular Langkawi cable car and when we were at the top, I mean at the viewing station,the view, Subhanallah.....!

ok, this is one of the resort in Langkawi, Lagoon Resort!

the beautiful sceneries...ahh..beautiful..hmm, looks like a postcard to me..hehe

I love this!

hmm, can you see the cable cars is going up and uppp...

meet the friendly monkeys! lol

close-up shot ..wuhhhh

now, here it is! perfect. Subhanallah :)

and again... :)

and this is the viewing station...

taken at another angle